100 COVID-19 doses coming this Saturday

County Judge expects batch of vaccines available for those interested

The Texas Division of Emergency Management has advised County Judge Frank Trull that they have coordinated with the Texas Army National Guard to distribute 100 doses of the coronavirus vaccine in McCulloch County this coming Saturday, March 6.

The state provided a list of 461 individuals from our local  Texas Department of State Health Services Department who could be given the vaccine if so desired.

The judge and his assistant have already contacted 300 individuals on that list of 461 names and only 9 persons still want the vaccine.

“We expect to have a decent number of those 100 doses available for persons interested,” said Judge Trull. “Any county resident who wants the vaccine should contact my office by calling 325-597-0733 ext. 4 to be considered for the list. It’s imperative that we administer all the 100 doses allocated so the state continues to keep us in line for more.”

The initial list of 461 names included the age bracket that the state considers a priority and then after that bracket is vaccinated, then we could offer the vaccine to younger individuals in need, first responders, teachers, etc.

“We still have about 150 individuals to contact, but according to the statistics, there should be vaccinations available for several individuals up to our total of 100 doses.”

The clinic will be held from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday at the Brady Civic Center.

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