Mixup inflates SOS voter totals for county

Digital upload duplicates figures, problem already being corrected

A duplicated document that sends the total number of voters who have cast ballots during early voting has made McCulloch look a little better than reality when it comes to voter turnout.

The numbers, which according to the Secretary of State’s web site, show that McCulloch County has already had 71% of the 5,377 registered voters cast ballots.

The information showing 71% voter turnout was shared on social media on Wednesday by State Representative-elect Shelby Slawson.

Thursday morning, McCulloch County Clerk Christine Jones-Patterson and County Voter Registrar Sylvia Campos verified that indeed, a report had been duplicated that skewed the numbers.

As of 11:45 a.m. Thursday, 2,109 voters have darkened the doors to cast their ballots early.

“The report that was duplicated included approximately 1,509 names of only voter history,” said Mrs. Campos. “The report shows that there are a number of persons who early voted twice which explains why that number is so high according to the SOS’s web site. We are working to re-submit the forms that will accurately reflect the number of early voters.”

The county officals emphasized that the reports did NOT include anything related to counting the actual votes ~ only the names of early voters.

“No votes have been tabulated or added up or calculated in any way,” said Mrs. Patterson. “The numbers simply show that 1,509 people voted twice so when those duplications are removed, it will accurately reflect our percentate which is right around 36% voter turnout right now. ”

Actual numbers: This report was generated Tuesday by the county clerk’s office and shows the actual number of voters who have already cast their ballots.

This is a copy of the county report that shows ‘EV’ which stands for Early Voting in two separate spots indicating they were duplicated by mistake.

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