Alleged kidnappers in custody, children safe

A Brady couple being sought in connection with the abduction of their three children following a supervised CPS visitation have been taken into custody without incident by law enforcement in Topeka, Kansas.

Below is an article published on Wednesday by a Killeen, Tex. television station.

By Justin Early |

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Jeffrey Gilseth, 32, and Maria Gilseth, 32, who were named in arrest warrants after police say they abducted their three children, of whom they did not have custody, during a supervised visit on Feb. 21 in Killeen, were in custody Wednesday afternoon and the three children are safe, a law enforcement source said.

(Law enforcement photos)

They’re charged with interference with child custody and unlawful restraint.

The couple’s vehicle was spotted Wednesday in Riley County, Kan., by members of the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Apprehension Task Force and they, along with state and local officers, followed the vehicle.

Just before 1 p.m., authorities pinned their car in a toll plaza on Interstate 70 in Topeka, Kan., authorities said.

The Gilseths were taken into custody without incident, authorities said.

The children, Hunter Gilseth, 11, Dylan Gilseth, 9, and Levi Gilseth, 4, who had been the focus of an ongoing search involving the U.S. Marshals Service, were taken to a juvenile intake and assessment center for processing.

“This is another example of the daily coordination and cooperation between federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals who work to protect children in our society every day. Missing and Exploited children cases are among the duties and responsibilities of the US Marshals Service,” said Ron Miller, the U.S. Marshal for Kansas.

On Tuesday, a man claiming to be Gilseth contacted the media and said he and his wife took the children because he feared they were about to be put up for adoption.

He also said he had reason to be fearful for the wellbeing of the children while they were placed with another family in Child Protective Services care.

The woman claiming to be Maria said the same thing.

The boys were taken from the couple based on a history of violence between the parents.

The man admitted to a fight the boys witnessed in March 2017, but said he and his wife were doing everything as directed by the courts to get the children back.

And he says a false accusation by someone that he threatened his entire family’s safety — derailed their efforts.

He said Maria denied there was any truth to that statement as well.

The two say they know they’re going to jail, and they want this to end peacefully.

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