TxDOT revises N. Bridge Street Project

Downtown square renovation removed from project due to cost

BRADY – The Texas Department of Transportation is revising a planned project to reconstruct North Bridge Street (US 190/377) in Brady from just north of the courthouse square to the intersection of US 190 East.

The original scope of the project involved reconstructing N. Bridge St. (US 190/377) from just north of the courthouse square to US 190 East utilizing concrete pavement and the addition of concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks. The project would also have replaced the existing concrete pavement and sidewalks on the courthouse square with new concrete pavement and sidewalks.

TxDOT held two public meetings on this proposed project and received positive feedback from residents, business owners and local elected officials.

Upon opening the project to the competitive bidding process earlier this year, TxDOT received only one bid. The Allen Keller Company of Fredericksburg submitted a bid of $17,475,201.59, which was almost 50% over TxDOT’s estimated cost of approximately $11.676 million. This bid was rejected by the Texas Transportation Commission at their July 27 meeting.

In an effort to invite more competitive bids while still providing the citizens of Brady with a first class roadway on N. Bridge St., TxDOT has removed all courthouse square work from this project. Work on N. Bridge St. will remain largely unchanged, with the addition of concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks, as well as the addition of a center turn lane between Walker St. and US 190 East.

The only significant change to the N. Bridge St. project will be the use of asphalt pavement instead of concrete pavement as originally proposed.

The estimated cost for this revised project, encompassing only N. Bridge St., is approximately $6.5 million. TxDOT will reopen the competitive bidding process this fall, with contract award
ing anticipated in January 2018. Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2018, with completion anticipated by late 2019.

TxDOT will consider a separate project to repave the courthouse square at some point in the future. In the meantime, we will continue to repair the existing concrete pavement on an as-needed basis. Traffic flow improvements have recently been made to the courthouse square through the addition of signs and lane markings advising large trucks to make only left turns.

TxDOT appreciates the support of the residents, businesses and officials of Brady and McCulloch County as we partner to improve mobility.


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