‘Million Dollar’ rain blankets McCulloch County’stock tanks full

Sept. 13-19, 1967 A ‘million dollar’ rain covered McCulloch County the past weekend and for the first time since last September, this banner headline graces the front page of this newspaper. There have been several near million dollar rains, but Jupiter Pluvious just did not smile on McCulloch County with such favor until last Thursday night, when the heavens opened up and rain in varying amounts fell. Total fall in Brady since the spell began was 2.91 inches, with heavier amounts being recorded at vaious points over the county. The extreme southeast and southwest portions of the county, however, had lesser amounts, only two inches being received at Calf Creek, and the same amount at Voca. Mercury received six inches over the four-day fall, starting last Thursday and continuing through Sunday and the Fairview community received more than 5.50 inches, according to gauges there. Pear Valley had 5.75, Melvin 5.50, Doole 5.00 and Fife, Lohn and Placid more than four inches. The rains were the finest this section of the Heart of Texas has received in slightly more than a year, as the last big general fall came in August and early September of 1966. The moisture, while putting very little in Brady Lake, will be of untold benefit to farmers and ranchers, many of whom had already sown small grain, or were getting ready to do so. Activity will pick up tremendously as soon as fields dry out to permit plowing and planting. While Brady Lake caught very little runoff from the watersheds of Brady Creek and tributaries, most tanks and small streams in the county ran bank full, and many surface tanks were filled beyond capacity. *** Thief rifles cash register at Clay Building A daring thief took advantage of the absence of Albert Alley in the office of Clay Building Material Co., about 11:40 a.m. Thursday and rifled the cash drawer of well over $100. Paul Bowman, manager, had gone to lunch leaving Alley alone. A customer came in wanting some lumber and Alley had to go to the yard to get it. When he returned and started to make change for the transaction, he discovered the drawer had been robbed of the money, all bills. “Whoever got it didn’t bother the checks or the silver. He just took all the bills,” Alley said. An unknown man was in the office at the time and had departed when Alley and the customer came back to the office. His description was given to Police Chief Dorman Gibbs, who had been called to investigate. The cash drawer is under the counter at the office and is kept locked but with the key in it. “We can’t get the key out, but it is routine to always lock it after using it. Apparently whoever took the money knew our routine,” Alley explained. *** Brady High School enrollment jumps to all-time high Brady High School enrollment jumped to an all-time high this week when the count reached 406. Supt. C.A. Reynolds had first month enrollment records available since 1951-1952 and they have shown a steady increase over the past 17 years. “Though I don’t have any records for those years before I came to Brady, I feel sure this year’s enrollment is tops,” Reynolds said. “Some of the increase is due to the 46 transfer students from other county schools and some of it is due to an influx of new students,” he explained. Only once in the tenure of Reynolds has the count reached the 400 mark and that was in 1962-1963. When Reynolds came to Brady, his first year showed 278 high school students. The count fluctuated in the high 200s and low 300s until 1962 when it reached 400. A drop the next year to the high 300s, has held until this year. “Enrollment will level off between now and the first of the year. We may pick up a few more between now and then, but I expect the number to remain in the low 400s,” Reynolds stated. For those football fans who are wondering about Brady being moved into AAA competition, they can rest easy for a while. According to Coach Fletcher Fields the breaking point is 450 and that number is subject to change. *** Tire, wheel, oil taken from bus station For the second time in less than a year, the Brady Bus Station has been burglarized. Tuesday afternoon between 5:30 and 7 p.m., someone entered the station, apparently with a key and took a 1100×20 tire and wheel and four gallons of oil in one quart cans. Sheriff Vogel said station operator George Nelson said that entry had been made with a key. He discovered the loss of the items when he returned from his evening meal at 7 p.m. “We could see where the wheel and tire had been rolled out of the building. Whoever took it must have dropped it because you could plainly see where it had fallen near the curb. Apparently they had a car or some kind of vehicle to load it into. One of those things is real heavy, too,” Vogel said. *** Wiley decorated for heroism in Vietnam Thomas Wiley III, a former Army sergeant and son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wiley of Brady, was decorated with the Bronze Star with Valor and the Army Commendation Medal at ceremonies at the National Guard Armory here Sunday afternoon. Guard units from Brady, Brownwood and Ballinger performed at the presentation. Lt. Col. Everett S. Pitts, commandinging officer of the First Battalion, 142nd Infantry, 36th Infantry Division, Brownwood, presented the awards to Sgt. Wiley. Sgt. Wiley was recently released from the Army after serving a six-year tour with six months in Vietnam. During his time in the combat zone, he was wounded twice and received two Purple Hearts. Chaplain B.R. Brewer of Santa Anna, pastor of the First Baptist Church there, offered the invocation at the ceremonies. Sgt. Wiley’s brother, Lt. Richard Wiley, USNR, is presently with Helicopter Squadron Two aboard the USS Hornet, an antisubmarine carrier, in the Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam. Sgt. Wiley plans to return to Texas A&M University this fall to resume studies. *** Young feted with shower Mrs. Kenneth Young was surprised with a pink and blue shower-coffee Saturday morning from 10-11 a.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Mallow. Mrs. Clarence Hermanson was co-hostess. Cookies, miniature muffins, coffee and cokes were served to approximately 35 guests. *** Rochelle 4-H club names new officers The Rochelle 4-H Club met Wednesday and the following officers were elected: president, Larry Ringer; vice-president, Janet Huffman; secretary, Vicki McBee; reporter, Tanya Cooper; recreation leader, Gary Engdahl and county delegates, Larry Ringer and Norman McBee. During the business meeting, plans were discussed for helping with the United Fund Drive and programs for the coming year. Mrs. Vyvien Duncan, home demonstration agent, gave an informative program on “Safety in the Home.” The club voted to change the meetings from Wednesday afternoons to Thursday afternoons. Next meeting will be Oct. 12. *** Brady, 42 years ago Sept. 1-4, 1925 Lyric Theatre to present splendid series of feature pictures The beautiful new Lyric Theatre, the pride of Brady, promises to become one of our most popular and well-patronized entertainment places during the fall and winter months. Julius Levy, the enterprising proprietor, has contracted for the most outstanding successes of the year. *** Fife findings H.D. Bradley was here Tuesday, He praises our people for their good farming. Henry is president of the Lohn State Bank. *** Pear Valley pickups Henry Smith recently closed a deal for the Ed Gault farm (better known as the Quinn Walker farm). Mr. Smith is having people grubbing and clearing a large acreage of this farm, and when completed there will be 250 acres in cultivation, and with the purchase of the farm, Mr. Smith now owns 676 acres of the best farming land in Pear Valley. *** Lohn siftings Mr. and Mrs. Jess O’Day and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bates and family, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Snodgrass and family of Oklahoma were visiting Mrs. J.R. Hill of Lohn and A.L. Milburn of Waldrip. *** Cow Creek callings Most everyone through here attended the singing convention at Lohn last Sunday and reported the singing and dinner as fine as could be. *** Melvin rally falls short; Eola is victor The Eola Eagles scored 26 points in the first half and held off the Melvin Bulldogs in the last quarter to win, 26-20. Mike Killman of Eola broke the ice in the first period by tossing a 33-yard pass to Gilan Lubke for the TD. The extra point kick was blocked. Again in the same stanza, Killman passed to Lubke for 27 yards and the score, Killman booted the extra point. In the second quarter, Melvin’s quarterback, Jimmy Carlson raced 21 yards to paydirt. The kick was blocked. Once again, following the Melvin score, Killman hit Lubke with a 12-yard aerial for the TD. The PAT was blocked. Jimmy Dusek took a kick-off on his own 15 and behind good blocking scampered 65 yards for the TD. In the third quarter the Bulldogs came back to make a ball game out of it. Little Carlos Martinez went back to pass, found no receivers open and ran 45 yards for the score. Carlson booted the extra points. The final Melvin score came in the final period when Lupe Ortegon scored on a four-yard pass from Carlson. Melvin was nearing scoring territory when the clock ran out. Outstanding on offense for the Bulldogs was Carlson, Martinez, Leon Waldrip and Art Perez, and Carlson, Martinez and Perez were tough on defense. *** Clevengers hear from son via satellite The Tel-Star Satellite proved to be a boon to Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Clevenger as they received their third telephone call via satellite from their son, Charles in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Last Thursday about 9 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Clevenger received a call from Charles who had returned from a vacation to other parts of Europe. He wanted to let them know he hasdreturned to Jeddah safely. Young Clevenger is employed by Lockheed International as a maintenance planner. He has been in Saudi Arabia for one year and has another year to go on his contract. He hopes to return to the States about this time next year. *** Legion auxiliary elects new officers The American Legion Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. A.O. Turn. Mrs. Odessa Miller had charge of the meeting in the absence of the retiring president, Mrs. Beverly Dennis. New officers were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Odessa Miller; first vice-president, Mrs. Beverly Dennis; second vice-president, Mrs. Velma Lawrence; secretary, Mrs. Annie Bourland; treasurer, Mrs. J.W. Hobbs; Chaplain, Mrs. Bourland; reporter and historian, Mrs. A.O. Turn; Sgt. at arms, Mrs. Neva Wooten; poppy chairman, Mrs. Neva Wooten and assistant, Mrs. Bourland. Mrs. Wooten and Mrs. Bourland assisted in collection of funds for the cancer drive each year. It was voted to send funds to the March of Dimes and Leonard Wood Memorial this year.

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