Lohn Eagles Booster Association hosts ‘Meet the Eagles’ night

One of the largest crowds in recent years crowded into the Tabernacle Thursday, Sept. 4, for the annual ice cream supper and “Meet the Eagles” night. Supt. Leon Freeman introduced new coaches, Jayson Wilhelm and Keith Hughes. Coach Sanchez introduced the 2008 Eagles, and Anna Freeman presented the cheerleaders. Everyone enjoyed the evening. Officers for the Booster Association are Quincy Ellis, president, Nell Ellis, vice-president. Lyla Bivens, secretary and Polly Frost treasurer. *** Nadine Browning had guests over the Labor Day weekend’13 in all. Dale and Barbara Young, Scott Young from Amarillo, Joyce Curtis, Mark and Twila Young from Abilene, Larry and Glenda Young and Travis from Artesia, N.M., Bryan Young from Round Rock and Mark, Laura and Hannah Grace Williams from the Dallas Area. One of the reasons for getting together was to photograph the five generations of the family, ranging from the 94-year-old great-great- grandmother, Nadine, to the two-month-old, Hanna Grace Williams. *** Two members of early Lohn families passed away recently: Carroll Land died in Houston Aug. 4 and Annie Laurie Lohn Ludwick passed away in Brady Sept. 2. Carroll and Annie Laurie were about as close to being kin as one can be without actually being related. The Lohn, Carroll, Bray, Fullagar families are intertwined and it is a little tricky to sort out. Carroll was the son of Dr. William Monroe and Oma Carroll Land who moved to Lohn in 1904 from Hare in Williamson County. The family lived in town on the northeast side of what is now designated First Street. About 1917, the Lands bought a place east of town and moved the house. Oma Land rode inside the house as it was being moved to the new location to keep an eye on things. The house was attached to the existing house on the farm and became known as the ‘boys’ room. There were plenty of boys to fill it up, seven altogether; Henry, Harvey, Ernest, Carroll, Jack, Orval and Oron. The house, remodeled in 1937, is still there and has been restored by present owners, Ronnie and Carol Gassiot. Harvey died in childhood; Jack died at age 13, in 1924, when the horse he was riding bolted, ran under a large tree branch that struck him in the head and fatally injured him. Carroll had two sisters; Mae, who married Ernest Bissett, and Cleo, who married Monroe Jackson. Carroll is survived by a brother, Oron who lives in Waco. Carroll attended school at Lohn but did not graduate as he married Edyth Ann Bray, his first wife, when he was 16. Edyth graduated in 1926. They had one son, Dale, who lives in Gustine. Later, he married Curtice Purcell who passed away in 1958 and Maxine Talbot who died in 1996. He came to San Angelo in 1939 to establish the Concho Valley Electric Cooperative, where he was manager until his retirement in 1974. Carroll would have been 100 years old Sept. 18. The death of Annie Laurie Lohn Ludwick closes a chapter in the history of the William Frederick Lohn family as Annie was the last of the grandchildren of the German emigrant for whom Lohn was named. One hundred and thirty four years have passed since the birth of the first grandchild, Mary Wade in Travis County in 1874 and Annie`s death Sept. 2, 2008. Over a period of 34 years there were a total of 38 grandchildren born. The last grandchild, Marian Louise Lohn, Annie`s youngest sister, was born in 1918. There were 12 children in the Marion Lohn family’seven were girls. Years ago the late James Finlay was in the old Fife post office and while waiting for the mail recalled how, as a young man, whenever he wanted a date he would call the Marion Lohn house as there were plenty of pretty young ladies there. If the young lady who answered the phone wouldn`t go out with him he would say, “Put one of your sisters on the line.” James declared he was usually successful in talking one of them into going to the show with him. Annie Laurie graduated from Lohn High in 1934. She was the last surviving member of the class of four boys and five girls. She was 93. Celeta Reed and Dannye Calley flew to Tallahassee, Fla. Aug. 20 to attend the 90th birthday of their aunt, Evelyn Tuten. They flew from San Antonio to Memphis, Tenn. for a connecting flight. Down in the “Sunshine State,” it was not too sunny as tropical storm Fay was hanging around. The pilot informed the passengers that they had taken on extra fuel just in case. The storm made an abrupt turn and headed straight toward Tallahasee just in time to meet the Texans. The ladies had quite an adventurous visit with their aunt and cousins. Twenty one inches of rain fell in their cousin`s yard, trees toppled over, power lines were down; they were without power for 24 hours. One wonders if perhaps the old hymn, “Lord Plant My Feet on Higher Ground” did not run through their minds as it continued to rain. Needless to say they were happy when the storm slacked off enough for them to get to the airport and return Monday, Aug. 25. While her mother and aunt were in Florida, Diane Reed was taking care of the stock at the Reed Farm in Waldrip. She wasn`t alone as she has a constant companion who ‘helps’her little Havanese dog. Dog lovers who are unfamiliar with the breed will be interested in her description. She states, ‘Havanese are the national dog of Cuba and as such are well adapted to hot climates. Their long hair is fine and profuse, but extremely light and soft. Although it is beautiful, the purpose is to insulate and protect the dog from harsh tropical rays. This is a perfect dog for hot Texas summers. ‘Havanese are small, weighing around 10 pounds. They are very people oriented and have friendly temperaments, love long naps and bouts of rowdy or mischievous play. From playing with cats, to attempting to play with armadillos, these little dogs are almost tireless. ‘When I say almost tireless, it is because of their delight in playing with children and their ‘play-’til- you-drop’ mentality. We have found that, although these little dogs have a lot of stamina, some of the children around here have more. ‘Havanese are smart and friendly with a happy disposition. They are well-rounded and wonderful companions and family dogs. I feel very fortunate to have found this breed and can’t say enough good things about them. We hope to have puppies in January (if the dogs will only cooperate).’ *** There was a wedding in Lohn last month when Quentin Thomas and Kimberly Betts exchanged vows at the Lohn Tabernacle Aug. 9. Kimberly`s brother-in-law, Bryan Owens, gave her away. Flower girls and other attendants were nieces, Terrell and Fallon Owens, Jennifer Owens, sister of the bride, Kimberly`s daughters, Tiffany and Tanya Betts and Quentin`s daughter, Rayna Thomas.

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