Billies down, Lions next at homecoming

I really don’t like clich’s nor do I like using them in my talks or writings. But if there was ever an old-fashioned clich’ that fit Friday night it would have to be the oldest one in the book’It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog”‘Bulldog that is!. If you had a chance to go to Fredericksburg you would know exactly what I’m talking about. Your Brady Bulldogs fought, scratched and clawed their way to a well-deserved 28-23 victory over a huge Fredericksburg football team. It was a great high school football atmosphere. On both offensive and defensive lines we were outweighed an average of almost 70 pounds per man. In the second half we had every reason to fold up the tent and go ahead and get ready for homecoming. Trailing by 9 in the fourth quarter, our kids and fans in the bleachers were not done yet. We out-scored the Billies 14-0 in the fourth and pandemonium broke out on the visitors sideline at the end of the game. It was as much heart as I’ve seen a team play with in quite a long time. You’re on the road against a team nobody gives you a chance to beat and trailing by two scores in the fourth. These are the type of kids I want on my team. We still did not play real crisp on defense but, my gosh, we played good enough to give our offense chances against a very good football team. Now, let me lecture you on what I have already talked to the kids about. I have said this many, many times since moving here 2 years ago. Great football teams (and football towns) have bad memories. This means when we really do stink on a particular Friday night, we learn from it then forget about it quickly. That goes both ways. The quicker we forget about Friday night in Fredericksburg, the quicker we can come back down to Earth and realize we have another opponent to prepare for. Homecoming in Brady is always a special time. By the time you read this we will have already had our Bulldog parade/tailgate party and are getting ready for Friday. The Ozona Lions are our homecoming opponent. Allow me to give each of you fair warning. Ozona is struggling right now. There is no question about that, but it wasn’t that long ago we were very much like them. When backed into a corner’hungry teams do strange things. Ozona is a hungry football team which makes me and our coaches very nervous. We will prepare for them with no less intensity than anybody on our schedule. I promise you that. We will respect all our opponents’but fear none of them. See you at the game.’GJ

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