Progress moving along with new construction

Our town is beginning to bloom with new businesses coming in along with established businesses outgrowing their older buildings. The new Town and Country has been up and running for several months and appears to be doing well in their newer and better location. Brady Butane’s expansion really looks great and they are pretty well stocked and doing quite well. There are other businesses that have changed their looks, making Brady look spiffy and prosperous. One established business and two new businesses will soon be opening up in Brady on South Bridge Street in spring or early summer. The one established business, CentralTX.US is owned by Darryl Huffman and Chris Kelley. The business will be moving from its present location to the new strip mall named Whitetail Center. Whitetail Center is owned by Barbara Derryberry and her husband, Barry Keane, who is originally from England. They will be the proprietors of the 6,000 square foot building that will house the CentralTX.US computer store, a 30-Maytag washing machine laundromat, and two 1,000 square foot businesses or office spaces. Behrens Construction, owned by Jackie Behrens, is the contrator for the project. His company is currently doing the framing for the foundation. He feels that it will take about a week and a half to complete the framing. Hopefully, they will have the building completed in a couple of months. ‘We feel like it is going to be a good place for business. It is an awkward lot because there was so much dirt work to do and it had a bad slope to it making it look unattractive,’ said owner Barbara Derryberry. ‘We will still have to rework the curb. When the Texas Department of Transportation worked on the highway, they fixed the driveways according to the way it used to be with three driveway openings. At our expense we will have to redo the driveway for a graduated 30-foot opening. The front of the building will be pretty and made out of stone.’ Another new business will be the O’Reilly Auto Parts. This new store will be farther down South Bridge Street located across from McDonald’s. This property was once occupied by the old Shuffield No. 2 nursing home. Currently, O’Reilly has more than 1,700 store locations throughout the country in 26 states and has plans for 170 additional stores to open in 2008. They are an expanding national chain with a new distribution center located in Lubbock. On Jan. 30, 1998, O’Reilly merged with Hi/LO Auto Supply, adding 190 auto parts stores in Texas and Louisiana, as well as a distribution center in Houston. The Hi/LO acquisition made O’Reilly one of the top 10 auto parts chains in the United States and it has continued in its growth. On April 23, 1993, the company completed an Initial Public Offering of common stock, and it now trades in the NASDAQ system under the symbol ORLY. The new 7,000 square foot store in Brady is being built by Reeves Development from Lake Charles, La. At present, the company is building the forms to pour the foundation on Friday, as reported by Marvin Matt, the project supervisor. ‘After the foundation has been poured and set, then the parking lot will be constructed,” said Matt “Once that is done, the new building will be erected taking about one and one-half weeks. Then the electricians and framers will come in and do their jobs, along with the plumbers. That part will be inspected. ‘Once that part has passed inspection, then the sheet rockers and the air-conditioning people will come in and install their materials. The ceiling person will come in and install a ceiling grid, followed by the floor person who will put in a tile floor. By then they should have electricity, so the electrician and plumber will come back and finish out their jobs. The O’Reilly people will have a small job fair similar to that of Dollar General. ‘I’ve built around 125 Dollar General stores in Texas and Louisiana. O’Reilly’s usually does what the Dollar General stores do’hire about 15 temporary employees. Out of that group they will hire four or five full-time employees. Currently, there are 12 new Dollar General stores being built in Texas. ‘Our concrete contractor is a company named H.D. Concrete from Dallas, which has been working for Reeves Development for five years. They do a good job and are very dependable. Tony Munoz is the Civil Supervisor.’ A few months back there were several concerned citizens that took an interest in a huge live oak tree on O’Reilly’s property. Due to the concerned interest, and at a considerable cost to the company, the tree has been spared. ‘We are happy to leave the tree,’ Matt said. “We have begun to focus on the areas in and around West Texas,’ said Dave Turney, a spokesperson with O’Reilly Auto parts based in Springfield, MO. ‘That is evidenced by the new distribution center in Lubbock and the various stores that will be opening in places like Brady.’

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