Copper wire high on thieves’ priority list

Feb. 7-10, 1967 A sudden wave of theft of copper distribution wire from the lines of McCulloch Electric Cooperative, Inc., has prompted the organization to offer a $100 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person or persons removing or tampering with the property of the co-op. The reward is being offered for the arrest or conviction for stealing or removing electrical distribution wire, shooting pole-line insulators, shooting or destroying mercury vapor lights or for deliberate tampering with sub-station and other electrical property. Most of the recent activity of wire tampering has been in the west part of the county, according to officials of the cooperative. Last weekend an attempt was made to steal the wire on a tap to a pump. It appeared the thieves left the wire on the ground after they found the tap was energized. The stealing of copper wire has become prevalent because of the increased value of copper. Most wires from transformers to meter are of copper. “Vacant houses with service wires attached are popular targets of the thieves. They travel through the country-side looking for such houses and remove the service wires. Numerous services have been removed from vacant homes in the past two weeks,” Mrs. Madeleine Davenport said. She also said the cooperative is in the process of trying to remove service wires and transformers where houses are empty. Not only are the culprits removing wires belonging to the co-op, but several individuals have reported wire to pumps and barns having been stolen. The thefts have not only been occurring in McCulloch County, but in Brown and San Saba Counties as well. There is a state law that pertains to tampering with electrical systems which makes it a felony. A new bill is expected to be introduced soon which will designate copper thefts as a felony and will recommend the registration of scrap metal dealers. The cooperative is asking that all persons report any suspicious characters and to make a note of license plate numbers or other identification of anyone seen tampering with any of the distribution equipment belonging to the co-op. *** G. Rollie White Downs, Jubilee add Labor Day weekend races G. Rollie White Downs and the Brady July Jubilee Association have been approved for a quarter horse futurity three-day race meet Labor Day weekend Sept. 2-4. Members of the Jubilee group were in San Antonio this week to meet with the Racing Board of Texas for the approval. The September races will be in addition to the July Jubilee races. The association plans to bring in the top winning horses from other tracks in the quarter horse futurity racing association and will offer a good purse for winners. Parker Pumphrey, president of the July Jubilee, said the Labor Day weekend would bring a large crowd of horse racing fans to Brady. “We will get plenty of good horses and have some real good races,” he said. Those making the trip to San Antonio were Mr. and Mrs. Pumphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks Campbell, Billy Jones, Jack Deaton and Mason Crocker. *** Rochelle Senior Class play Friday Bill Spurgin, director of the Rochelle Senior Class play, “Dear Ruth,” has announced the cast for the production. The play will be staged tonight with curtain time being at 7:30 p.m. Listed are Nan Smith, Susan Boren, Kathy Doyal, Russell Willis, Vicki Gamblin, Mark Moseley, Bruce Deeds, Karon Fike, Steve Moseley and Gary Weatherman. Sylvia Huffman is the assistant director and Linda Jeffreys will be wardrobe mistress. The play is taken from a World War II period which has been the background for hundreds of novels and short stories. But “Dear Ruth” is different. It is a comedy. Tickets are available from members of the class at 75 cents for adults and 35 cents for students. *** Melvin News… Mr. and Mrs. N.M. Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Barnett and Caren Ann returned home last week after attending the Stock Show in Fort Worth. Miss Carolyn Stuckey of Snyder spent the weekend with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. L.R. Stuckey. David Stuckey of Abilene spent Sunday with his parents. Mrs. Arch Jacobson is in Lubbock staying with the children of Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Jacobson who are in Dallas looking for a house. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson will move to Dallas soon. Miss Rosa Haynes and Mrs. Willie Campbell of Eden visited Mrs. Morgan Haynes and Miss Olga Stromquist Saturday afternoon. *** Lohn News… Mrs. James Hibbs complimented her son Johnny on his eight birthday last Tuesday after school, when games were enjoyed and refreshments of birthday cake, ice cream and punch were served to the following guest: Lynn James, Freddie Pearce, Allan Moore, Royce Hemphill and Roy Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Jerrell Hemphill, Deena and Doug visited Mr. and Mrs. Sam Conniff at Eden Sunday afternoon.

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