Baby Jane Doe case sets pretrial date

After more than three years since her arrest, Lisa Marie Huro-LeClair, the woman arrested in 2004 in connection with the death of Baby Jane Doe, appeared in the 198th District Court on Monday. Accompanied at the bench by her legal counsel Melvin Gray of San Angelo, District Judge E. Karl Prohl set a pre-trial hearing for May 15 at 9 a.m. According to a statement by Gray following LeClair’s appearance in court Monday morning, the hearing will be an evidence hearing of experts. “Our position is that the child was stillborn, and I believe that is what the evidence will show,” said Gray. “Once we get these issues out of the way we will be able to proceed.” According to Gray, if it is determined that the child was stillborn, the worst charge Mrs. LeClair would face would be a Class A misdemeanor and not murder. The case of “Baby Jane Doe” garnered state and national attention in 1993 when the body of a newborn baby girl was found in the ditch on a county road in northwest McCulloch County. The unidentified baby became known as Baby Jane Doe and was buried in Rest Haven Cemetery with a headstone bearing that name. In 2004, LeClair’s arrest on an unrelated case provided a set of fingerprints that eventually were placed in a state database. Routine checking of the database later provided a match to those found on the plastic bag that contained the body of Baby Jane Doe. In June 2004 after much research and piecing together of evidence, Texas Ranger Matt Andrews went to interrogate LeClair in San Angelo where she lived.’She denied any knowledge of the baby, but voluntarily submitted an oral DNA and hair sample which were sent to an Austin crime lab for further testing. In September 2004, sufficient evidence from the crime lab in Austin prompted the issuance of a warrant to arrest Mrs. Leclair for the murder of the infant Baby Jane Doe. The original $100,000 bond on which she was held was reduced to $50,000 and she retained attorney Melvin Gray of San Angelo as her legal counsel. She was indicted by a McCulloch County Grand Jury in September 2004. She was arraigned in 198th District Court Oct. 25 of that same year. In November 2004, Mrs. Leclair chose to retain new counsel. The new lawyer of record was listed as Cynthia Barbare of Dallas, with attorney Clark E. Birdsell also involved in the case. Since 2005, a long list of motions and requests have left the case open with virtually no progress until this month. In September 2006, LeClair apparently asked the court’s permission to substitute Gray once again as her attorney and to discharge Barbare. Mrs. LeClair declined requests for comment.

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