Mardi Gras king, queen selected at Brady West

Brady West Nursing & Rehabilitation Center recently conducted a Mardi Gras celebration, and selected as king and queen for the annual event were Alvin Roesler and Lucille Ledbetter. King and queen selections came about as each person was seated to enjoy “king cake.” The man and woman to uncover a baby underneath their plate took the prestigious honors of Mardi Gras King and Queen for 2008. Following their crowning, the king and queen threw beads to their loyal subjects: the louder they yelled, the more beads they recieved. Also, in an art and craft project, masks were made by all residents to wear and enjoy during the party. Music was’supplied by Roy Nash (new administrator), and volunteers who assisted were Helen Moore, Billy Donahuo and Ceciley Kirkland. The gumbo meal, prepared by James Bullock. was served’ after the party to all who wished to share in the meal, including’family members and staff.

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