Don’t expect something for nothing, especially a college education

Dear Editor, Sue McMillin’s article on student financial aid in the Tuesday newspaper states that it’s crucial and time for the high school seniors to fill out their application for federal aid. I say it’s time for the high school seniors to go to work if they want a higher education. College doesn’t cost any more now than it ever did, if inflation is considered. This inflation is mostly due to the federal give-away programs and the credit-card mentality of our legislators. Not too long ago, there weren’t any grants, scholarships or loans available. A college education required cash up front. This did not stop serious students from going to work and earning their degrees. Too many young people today expect everything to be given to them. As a result, most politicians rely on these give-away programs to get re-elected. We need to eliminate these programs. There is no such thing as a free lunch. We should not be encouraging our children to rely on credit. This is false economy which, because of the interest, costs a lot more in the long run. Graduating college students today complain about not being able to get out of debt. Our country, with its national debt, is in the same situation. While it’s necessary for our country to raise its educational level, I believe it should be done with motivation just as the Japanese did after World War II. Throwing money at a problem is never the proper solution. Lack of education is not excluding us from the world’s job market. Inflation, with its accompanying high wages, is pricing us out of the market. Please think about this when you select a candidate in the forthcoming election. Harold Byler Brady, Tex.

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