1966 one of driest years on record, 148 days’no rain

Jan. 27-31, 1967 Brady received 16.69 inches of rain during 1966, making it one of the 10 driest years on record. Not since 1962 has the city been so dry. In that year, 13.63 inches of rain fell. The records, some kept by the Commercial National Bank and some by the local weather observer, show (including January 1967) that it has been 148 days since an appreciable amount of rain has fallen in Brady. August proved to be the wettest month with 4.32 inches. In March and July, only traces were recorded and none was recorded in January 1967. The driest year on record since 1910 proved to be 1954 when Brady recorded 8.71 inches. That year the largest amount of moisture to fall was 2.46 inches and that in October. Only one other month that year measured more than an inch when 1.67 fell in May. Farmers and ranchers look for the remainder of the winter to be a dismal one without any rain. Many are feeding and, those who have it, are burning pear. Stock ponds are becoming depleted and farmers and ranchers would welcome a “million dollar” rain if for no other reason than to fill tanks and streams. Weather forecasters continue to predict little or no moisture for McCulloch County and Central Texas. The wettest year on record was 1919 when 41.49 inches of rain fell. September that year brought 10.35 inches with over eight inches in June and more than five in May. The past decade saw the rainfall in 1957 set a modern day record, when 37.18 inches were measured. *** New contract for Loadcraft A new contract is being awarded Loadcraft’s Brady plant this afternoon in Washington, D.C., according to word received this morning by The Herald. The Fourth Army Information Office of Fort Sam Houston, Texas, has relayed this good news to The Herald: “The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Center of Warren, Mich., is awarding a contract for $1,023,568 to the small business firm of Loadcraft, Inc., of Denton, Tex. at 4 p.m. today. “The contract will be performed by Loadcraft, Inc., at Brady, Tex. . . .according to word received by the 4th army Information Office of Fort Sam Houston from the Department of the Army, Washington, D.C.” *** Vandalism reported at Brady race track Five race horses being trained by Billy Leach were released from their stalls at the race track early Sunday night. In addition, all the tires on two horse trailers were slashed in an act of vandalism. Sheriff Luke Vogel and the Brady police department investigated and Vogel said apparently several persons were involved. “I don’t know why anyone would want to do such a thing. Those horses could have been badly damaged. We have a few clues but haven’t had any luck so far,” Vogel said. Mrs. Leach said the door snaps were removed from the stalls and apparently a belt or strap was used to scare the horses and make them bolt. “Race horses are not like ordinary horses. When they start running, they run as hard as they can. Ordinary horses would probably get out and just graze around. Fortuntely, none of them were cut up or injured in any way,” she said. A passerby almost ran over one of the animals which led to the discovery that they were running loose. *** Stringed instruments is Mozart study The January meeting of the Mozart Melody Club met recently in the home of Allen Sheffield. The meeting was opened by reading the collect and pledge and singing the hymn. Mrs. James Walton, adult counselor, presented the program on stringed instruments. Refreshments were served to Derinda Rickman, Janette Barekman, Jessica Collins, Annette Johnson, Vicki Glasscock, Joy Dean Doyal, Jeannie Kay Williams, Betsy Walton, Candace Black, Carol Ann Johnson, Slana McMurry, Paula Whiteley, Hal Huffman, Kim King, Jim Quinn and Allen Sheffield. *** Rochelle students make honor roll Rochelle school principal Bill Spurgin has released the third six weeks honor roll and semester honor roll. Third six weeks honor roll: Seniors’Vicki Gamblin, Sue Hutchins and Linda Jeffreys. Juniors’Brenda Deeds. Eighth’Ann Moseley. Seventh’Marja Bleakley and Janice Kruckemeyer. Sixth’Tanya Cooper Gerald Lemke and Cathy Parks. Fifth’Elaine Hurd, Mark Barker and Sherri Smith. Fourth’Liane Jones, Mike Kilmer and Bobby Rodgers. Third’Johnny Jackson. Semester honor roll: Seniors’Vicki Gamblin and Sue Hutchins. Eighth’Ann Moseley. Seventh’Marja Bleakley and Janice Kruckemeyer. Sixth’Tanya Cooper. Fourth’Liane Jones and Mike Kilmer. Third’Johnny Jackson.

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