History preserved’

Dear Editor:’ ‘ The purpose and goals of The Heart of Texas Historical Museum with the creation of the military annex are not only to remember and honor the cadets and instructors who died in training here, the guards at the POW Camp Brady, the veterans of McCulloch County, and the City and County for their patriotic effort in WWII, but also to create a here-and-now exhibit to show the present generation and generations to come, the contributions to our freedom made right here at home.’ On Dec. 20, the Brady Middle School brought 234 students and 25 teachers to tour the museum.’ Their enthusiastic participation was a wonderful experience.’ Brady High School brought 80 students to the museum in May, before the annex was completed.’ The schools were very encouraged that the Military Complex can be used in the future for teaching the kids local history and they intend to make this a regular event. Beverly Striegler Rochelle

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