USAF training this week over Central Texas

The military is back in town and, chances are, you might hear jets overhead this week. But this time, a unit with the United States Air Force has set up a classified operation on the north end of the airfield at Curtis Field in Brady. Approximately 50 members of the 712th Air Support Operational Squadron at Fort Hood are conducting air support communications from their mobile outpost. Lt. Col. Dale Sinnott, the commanding officer of the group, told the Standard-Herald Monday that chances are likely that fighter jets could be heard over the area throughout the remainder of the week. The unit is conducting training operations as an air support center which serves as a communication and control agency that provides support for ground agencies during wartime operations. The self-contained communication unit is specifically designed to direct air support to ground missions. Complete with their own power supply, satellite communications uplink and mobile housing, the group will be directing mock missions for the 9th and 11th air squadrons covering a broad area that includes all of Central Texas. “Our wartime operation abilities are consistent, but our capabilities fluctuate by the qualifications and expertise of the personnel we have on location,” said Sinnott. The unit stationed at Fort Hood consists of approximately 700 members of the U.S. Air Force stationed at an Army base that is comprised of more than 40,000 members of the Army.

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