Senior 4-H’ers host West Texas Rehab McCulloch Phone Bank

Big Dreams in a Small Town. That’s the title of a song made popular by the singing group Restless Heart. It’s also a great description of the Brady senior high 4-H members, who’ll be staffing the McCulloch County phone bank while Restless Heart entertains Jan. 19 during West Texas Rehabilitation Center’s 38th annual telethon. ‘We haven’t set a dollar goal for this project,’ said sponsor Jacki Dean. ‘Instead, our goal is that we’ll have hundreds of phone calls from people who want to make pledges because Rehab provides such wonderful care every day to Heart of Texas residents.’ You may call 597-1295 to make your pledge. ‘Brady may be small in population, but we can dream big about our telethon success because people here have huge hearts and because they know every dollar we raise will be used to support the Rehab Center,’ added Jane Holubec, Extension agent. To be set up in the County Extension office during the telethon, 4-H members will be ready to take pledges on the phone, and then have Rehab send the donor a self-addressed envelope for pledge payment. ‘If you aren’t going to be at home on telethon night, please call the Extension Office at 597-1295 prior to January 19 so you can still be among McCulloch County residents helping the Rehab Center, ‘ Dean concluded. In addition to the local phone bank and live entertainment originating from the Abilene Civic Center, a major element of Rehab 2008 is an auction of more than 400 items. On-line bidding has already begun and will continue until midnight on January 19. The site is

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