Leifeste heads lighted welcome sign committee

Jan. 10-13, 1967 Mayor John Rudder has appointed a committee of eight, headed by the Rev. Lamar Leifeste, to contact civic organizations and individuals on the erection of a lighted welcome sign for Brady. Rev. Leifeste said that much interest had been generated on contacts already made and contributions had begun to come in. The sign, an illuminated marquee-type, will have dark letters on a white background. The “Welcome to Brady” part of the sign will be gold letters on a black background and the entire sign will be 16 feet long and five feet high. On the illuminated portion of the sign, there will be room for three lines of letters which would be used to advertise civic events, school and sporting events as well as various meetings. “Many people who made the trip to Winters for the football game last season saw a similar sign which read ‘Welcome to Blizzardland, Brady Bulldogs.’ A great deal of comment arose over the sign and it was felt that a similar one would benefit Brady to a great extent,” Leifeste said. The sign, to be located at a strategic point where visitors to Brady can readily see it, will cost in the neighborhood of $1,500. “We will receive many times that amount in good will and benefits from the sign,” Leifeste pointed out. Personal contributions may be made to any member of the committee which is composed of Leifeste, James Mallow, Boyd Hunt, Paul Johnson, George Carrithers, Jerry Wood, James Feazelle and Forrest Barron. “An account has been set up in one of the local banks to take care of the contributions, and all, no matter how small, will be appreciated,” Leifeste said. *** Voter sign up lags in county; 406 permits issued In order to meet the number of poll taxes paid last year, the county tax assessor-collector’s office will have to issue over 1,500 voter registrations the remainder of the month. Last year, 1,975 persons registered to vote. With 21 days left before registrations will be closed, the local tax office had issued only 406 certificates as of Monday. Under the new voter law, there is no charge for registration, which closes at 5 p.m. Jan. 31. All persons who were 60 years of age on or before Jan. 1, 1966, need not register. In counties with under 10,000 population, persons 60 and over need not obtain a registration certificate. All persons who have become 21 years of age since last registration, or who will become 21 this year, may obtain an exempt certificate. Although, if they have not reached 21 when they register, they can vote only after they become of age. The tax office spokesman said that at present no plans were being made to stay open during the noon hour or after 5 p.m. The tax office is open from 8 to 12 p.m. and 1 to 5 p.m. *** Brady Stamp Plan aids local projects A group of Brady businessmen believe in keeping money in Brady and with the help of Brady Trade Stamps have made some headway to their goal, George Purcell, manager of the Brady Chamber of Commerce reports. During the five years of operation, there have been 66, 025 books of Brady Stamps redeemed by these merchants. This means they sold $131,674 worth of merchandise for these books. To get that many stamps local consumers had to spend $7,923,000. The Brady Stamp plan furnished the past five years, about $5,000 for the Christmas lighting program, 4-H and FFA Livestock Show, July Jubilee float, Little League, Cancer Fund and United Fund. It also contributed $1,000 to the McCulloch County Industrial Foundation. During the past December, members put on two appreciation days when they gave away about $3,800 in prizes. The corporation has a workable bank account and money invested in Brady Savings & Loan. This balance should be enough to pay off every unredeemed book if they were all redeemed in one day. “These merchants look forward to continued growth and invite other merchants in Brady to join with them in keeping Brady money in Brady,” Purcell said. *** 25th annual Melvin show Tuesday, Jan. 17 The 25th Annual Melvin Fat Stock Show will be held Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 17. The judging for the stock will begin at 3:10 p.m. Tuesday, on the Melvin football field. There will be some 65 fat lambs and three steers. Two groups of lambs, fine wool and fine wool cross-bred, will be divided into two divisions as near equal as possible. Every FFA member and every 4-H club member of the Melvin school district is eligible and urged to show, said T. Wood, Melvin FFA advisor. Prize money and ribbons will be given the winners and, as usual, the Melvin Lions Club will give a trophy for the grand champion calf and the grand champion lamb. Billy Ray Taliaferro is president of the Melvin Lions Club.

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