JV boys win another one

Friday Jan. 11, 2008 BRADY 20 9 8 18’55 Mason 7 5 4 10’27 Scorers for Brady: Greg Torres 11, Seth Bozeman 9, Anthony Sanchez 11 and Andrew Walker 6. “The Brady JV boys played another exciting game on Friday. The score wasn’t that close but it was an exciting game. Mason came out playing pretty good defense, but the Dawgs were just too much for them to handle,” said Coach Terry Bean. Greg Torres and Anthony Sanchez both came away with the hot hand. Together the two shot for 22 points. Torres pushed the ball well on the offensive end of the floor, while Sanchez worked on the boards and on his shooting. “With both players on the bench for the game, no telling what the score could have been,” remarked Bean. Other outstanding players were Seth Bozeman and Toby Sanchez. This game puts the young Dogs on an 11-3 record for the year. We don’t have that much size or height but we do have good athletes that will listen and learn and that get after it when they are on the floor.

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