Brady High’s FCCLA club to conduct abstinence assembly for middleschoolers

Brady High School’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America club (FCCLA), will be presenting a ‘Families First’ abstinence assembly at Brady Middle School. Conducted in two sepearate forums, the first will be held at 12:45 p.m., Jan. 18, for the girls and the second, for the boys, Jan. 25, also at 12:45 p.m. All students are encouraged to participate. This is a national program from FCCLA that will help young people gain a better understanding of how healthy families work and learn skills to build strong family foundations. In this assembly, FCCLA will discuss and explain the consequences of premarital sex. “Our goal is to encourage students to wait until marriage before having sex, so that they will have the opportunity to build the necessary strong foundations before establishing a family,” said program leader Dara Fairchild. ” Listed below are specific consequences we will cover in our presentation. This information will be presented through a series of skits and stories from students about their successes and failures.” ‘ Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that can cause death from HIV/AIDS and cancer ‘ The personal turmoil experienced when these diseases are passed on to spouses and children because they were contracted before marriage ‘ Infertility caused by the invasion of STDs that damage the reproductive system ‘ The high rate of STD infections (one out of four sexually active teens are living with an STD at this time) ‘ The eighteen-year commitment required to raise a child ‘An unwanted pregnancy is a less-than-ideal situation in which to raise a child’every child deserves the best environment possible, helping him/her achieve their full potential and happiness ‘ Making and breaking of deep emotional bonds occurring with every sexual relationship resulting in the loss of the bond that is meant for connecting the marriage relationship. “The family has been referred to as the ‘basic unit of society,'” added Fairchild. “When families are strong and healthy, society as a whole is improved. Through Families First, young people are starting to make a better world today by strengthening their own families and those around them. “In the meantime, they are learning valuable lessons and increasing their own chance for future success in the family, community, and work place. We welcome and encourage any parent to attend this assembly. Please call with any concerns or questions you may have (597-2491, Ext. 209).

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