Celebrating a cleaner, more productive Brady

I’ve been reading the’Brady newspaper, about how we’ve grown and how we are going to grow in 2008. This past year has been kind of exciting for me, because none of the years before were worth mentioning very much and my cleanup around this part of town was a part of it. This little town is finally on the move. I can’t wait to see what’s next. We’ve gotten rid of some old mayors, gotten a worth while, home-grown city manager and out-of-town investors are gathering. All of our streets have been paved/repaved and a cleanup project started that you wouldn’t believe. New homes are being built and old ones and burned ones are being removed. Many of the stores are remodeling as well as new businesses coming in. I’ll keep my little portion of town clean in the next year. Finally, this town deserves it. The citizens are having a change of ideas and are getting out of groggy habits. Shoot, they even smile more. I moved here in 1970, and this is the best I’ve ever seen this place. I had even resolved to think this was as good as it gets. Nope. Perhaps it was just time for a change. Perhaps it was the new mayor. Whatever it was, I’m celebrating 2007. RONALD KELLY (AKA”Ronmower”) The Irish Addition

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