A look back

As we move into the new year it is customary to take a look back at events that shaped and touched our lives in 2007. Over the past 12 months we lost friends and neighbors who touched our lives, and we miss them: Ethel Doyal, Jo (Simmons) White, Claudia McBee, J.V. Browning, Jinky Riley, Dorothy (Poe) Schwertner, Wanda (Looney) Kimble, Klein Reed, Sue (Edwards) Lohn, Iola Kirby, Junior Tedder, Dorothy (Slaughter) Kleumper, Blanche (Hemphill) Burton, Mary Frances (Finlay) Roddie Craft. Mary Frances died Dec. 22 after a long bout with cancer. She was a descendant of one of the first families in the Fife community. Her grandfather, Robert Kay Finlay, built the Fife General Store, the first steam cotton gin in the county and was responsible for two school houses in the early days of the community. Most of the early families in the Fife area were closely connected: Tedder, Pearce, Mitchells; therefore, she had many cousins and a host of friends who were saddened by her death. Mary Frances attended school at Lohn but graduated from Brady High School. This past year was one of the wettest we have had in a long time. For a while it seemed as if we might all grow webbed feet. Grass and weeds grew at alarming rates, and the sound of lawn mowers was the most common sound we heard, but as one rancher remarked, “We are not ready to yell calf- rope yet.” The countryside was beautiful throughout the spring and summer months. The Lohn Valley Park was especially inviting for our visitors who held family reunions at the Tabernacle with its flowering shrubs and lawn. Last year was the first time that we had the opportunity to welcome the Johnson, Amarine, Coonrod and Underwood families back to their roots. The Arcenio Martinez family came back to Lohn to honor the memory of their late mother who is buried here. They all plan to return in 2008. The Klein Reed family welcomed a new addition with the birth of Faith Bobo, born Jan. 15, to Derrick and Michelle Bobo of Fort Stockton. A daughter, Bailey, was born April 5, to Sterling and Gini Moore of Brady. We learned of the birth of a son Sept. 11, to Michael and Jamie (Underwood) Hedrick of Kerrville. He was named Lohn Everett in honor of his grand father, Nolan Underwood, who grew up in Lohn and never lost his love for his old home town. There were two marriages of interest in 2007: Jason Smith and Tina Grote were wed in Mason and make their home there, and Chocky Moore and Linda Fields married in Arkansas and live in Wellman near Lubbock. The Couvillion families, who lived on the Rockett Hall place, relocated this past year. Gary and Brenda moved to Voca, and Brandon and Leandra moved to DeLeon. We also said goodbye to Joe and Linda Bendele who had been at the Woodward Ranch for six years. They reluctantly moved to south Texas due to Joe`s health problems. Gene and Carla Bratton sold their place south of Lohn and moved to Brady, as did Scott and Frankie Kronstedt who lived at Pear Valley. Newcomers to our area are Lisa Sachse and family who moved into the W.T. Lohn house and Jim and Joyce Kramer who live in the Ronnie Gassiot house. Travis and Patricia Gary drove to San Marcos for Christmas with his sister, Brenda, and husband, H.C. Kyle, their children Katherine Kyle from Houston and Becca and Allen Kyle from Austin. Travis’ mother, Viola, is in an assisted-living facility there so they were able to spend some time with her. Martha Hemphill had her family, plus a few extras, for an old-fashioned Christmas dinner on the weekend before the holiday. The kids had a great time at her Pear Valley home, making snow ice cream and engaging in snow ball fights. Even though there was no snow on the ground here, it was real snow imported from Colorado courtesy of Royce and Tammy Hemphill who filled a huge ice chest and brought it with them from Pegosa Springs when they came on Saturday before Christmas. They were accompanied by their pet poodle, Juliet. Others enjoying the occasion were Leisa Smith, Scooter Nowlin from Lohn, Mellissa and Charles T. Carrithers and Camryn from Brady, Jason and Tina Smith from Mason, Nicole Nowlin and fianc’, Aaron, from Waco (both teachers in Waco schools), Darrell Butt, Scooter`s brother and his friend from San Angelo, Kimberly Hemphill, Jerry Galindo, Ben, Caleb and Gracie from Brady, Keith and Cynthia Dilliard, Brody and Hayden from Robert Lee, Allen and Kristi Castleberry and Cassidy and Will from Junction. Gene and Nita Frost`s holiday company were his children, Randy and Francis Frost and Matthew from Boerne, Scott and Paige Frost and Trevor and Tanner from Lubbock and their daughter, Kelsey, who is attending college in Colorado. Trevor is a student at Tech. Also, daughter, Janet, and husband, John Whitson and son, Jordan, from the Dallas area. Nadine Browning went to Abilene for both Christmas and New Year’s to be with Joyce Curtis and her family. Trellis Curtis Phillips and family were there from Colorado for a New Year’s visit. Mathew Gray, 18-year-old son of Sherri and Marshal Gray of San Angelo, was presented his Eagle Scout in an impressive ceremony held at the First United Methodist Church in downtown San Angelo recently.’ Mark Gray and’ Kyle Rader assisted in the presentation of awards to other scouts in Troop 1. The Scout Master gave a detailed description of how Boy Scouting started in San Angelo.’ Troop 1 was chartered 97 years ago and is the third oldest troop in the State of Texas. Only two percent of scouts attain the rank of’ Eagle Scout. Attending the cermony from Lohn were Rama Huie, Dusty Huie and David and Carla Huie. Christmas started early for Rama Huie when Jeanne Mendrala and Erwin Cooper of Mesquite came for an overnight visit.’ Both of them had to work Christmas day so the celebration was held when they were at Lohn.’ David, Carla and Dusty joined them for supper. Dusty Huie hosted a family Christmas get-together at his home.’ Attending were Noda and Jimmy Simpson of Coleman, Billy and Penny Simpson and Ken Simpson, all of Huntsville, David and Carla Huie, Josh and Tammy Huie, Jayden and Tanner, and Rama Huie, all of Lohn. ‘ A delicious lunch was served, and then a Chinese gift exchange was enjoyed by all.’ Everyone reaped the bountiful harvest of pecans made in Coleman as Noda brought large bags of shelled pecans to everyone. December 24′ arrived, and Rama’s entire family was there for lunch.’ Mexican-style food had been decided upon with each family bringing their favorite dish. This was the first time in 10 years that Michael Gray had been able to join his family for Christmas.’ Michael has been a policeman in Galveston for the past’ seven years and it is really difficult for him to get time off during the holidays.’ Attending were Dusty Huie, David and Carla Huie, Josh and Tammy Huie, Tanner and Jayden,’ all of Lohn, Marshal and Sherri Gray, Mathew, Mark and Mason of San Angelo and Michael Gray of Galveston. A Chinese gift exchange was enjoyed by all. Flashlights seemed to be the gift of choice. After the Grays left for San Angelo, some of the rest watched the movie, “The Passion of the Christ.” JoAnne Rose from Abilene arrived for a visit Friday, Dec. 29. She and Rama worked together for a number of years at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene.’ She accompanied Rama to McCulloch County Helping Hands on Monday to work in the clothing store. On Wednesday they were joined by Michelle Rogers and Cedric Pederson of San Antonio.’ The group enjoyed lunch together at El Flamingo. JoAnne returned to Abilene on Thursday. DeeAnna Willis of Natchitoches, La. and a friend from Austin spent New Year’s at the Bloede Ranch.’DeeAnna dropped by for a couple of visits with Rama Huie while she was here. Sunday evening Bible study at Lohn Baptist Church will be from 6-7 p.m. beginning Sunday, Jan. 13.

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