Brady Elementary School kids excel at UIL meet

Brady Elementary School students who placed in first through sixth place the 2007 UIL meet included the following individuals in their respective categories: Second Grade Storytelling Garrett Nichols, third; Micah Trull, fourth; Kamry Keese, fifth. Other participants: Allison Brown, alternate. Second Grade Creative Writing Garrett Nichols, third. Other participants: Bailey Jacoby and Shatoria Jones. Third Grade Storytelling Megan Sides, sixth. Other participants: Blake Madden and Tessa Moreno. Third Grade Spelling Makensie Huckill, fifth. Other participants: Brannon Kolb, Akia Gonzales and Tori Hill, alternate. Third Grade Ready Writing Jaxon Tucker, fifth. Other participants: Jaclyn Hernandez and Tyler Johnson. Third Grade Music Memory Participants: Caleb Debusk, Tyler Johnson, Sierra Shunk and Laura Olivarez, alternate. Fourth Grade Oral Reading Brynn Stewart, first; Kaitlin Cox, third. Other participants: Braeden Jones and Mayson Smith, alternate. Fourth Grade Number Sense Payton Huffman, fifth. Other participants: Adriana Pierce, Derrick McBee and Braeden Jones. Fourth Grade Art Abriana Enrequez, fourth. Other participants: Maka Sierra, Alicia Torres and Jordan Carrasco, alternate. Fourth Grade Music Memory Brynn Stewart, third; Matthew Turk, fourth; Tucker Roberts fifth. Other participants: Juan Selvera, alternate. Fourth Grade Spelling Michael Reyes, second; Tucker Roberts, fourth. Other participants: Fatima Shah. Fourth Grade Ready Writing Tucker Roberts, third; Juan Selvera, best alternate. Other participants: Alicia Torres and Chris Reyes. Fifth Grade Oral Reading Savannah Shunk, sixth; Ashlan Bernard, best alternate. Other participants: Alyssa Lacy and Jordan Sides. Fifth Grade Dictionary Chaz Hernandez, third; Alyssa Lacy, fifth; Tori Hill, sixth. Other participants: Selena Ayala, alternate. Fifth Grade Number Sense Carl Ewert, fifth. Other participants: Madi Garza. Fifth Grade Social Studies Carl Ewert, first. Fifth Grade Listening Molly Lansford, first. Other participants: Mikayla Springer, Jarron Kirkland and Madi Garza, alternate. Fifth Grade Maps, Graphs & Charts Joe Scott Pace, first; Carl Ewert, second; Vincent DeFiore, fifth. Other participants: Sarah Walston, alternate. Fifth Grade Spelling Savannah Shunk, fifth. Other participants: Joe Scott Pace, Colt McBee and Tori Hill, alternate. Fifth Grade Ready Writing Marissa Moreno, third. Other participants: Jacque Moreno, Molly Lansford and Madi Garza, alternate. Fifth Grade Art Participants: Miesha Menefield, Maria Morales, Bianca Ramirez. Fifth Grade Music Memory Participants: Maricella Contreras, Molly Lansford and Maria Morales.

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