Brady woman severely burned in gas pump fire

A freak accident at a gasoline pump last Friday sent Brady resident Linda Pike to the hospital with severe burns to more than 50 percent of her body. According to Brady Fire Chief Randy Rankin, Mrs. Pike was fueling her vehicle at Wigginton Oil Company, a local fuel depot, when the fire started. Based upon initial reports, it is believed that static electricity ignited the fire near the fuel tank of her car which, then spread to her clothing. “A witness nearby who worked for the business doused her with a bucket of water that was there to clean windshields,” said Rankin. Mrs. Pike was airlifted to a Lubbock hospital and burn center where she was treated for severe second and third degree burns over approximately 40 percent of her body. She underwent her first skin graft on Monday and later had a blood transfusion and a second skin graft on Thursday. She is reportedly sedated to enable proper healing of the grafts. According to reports from her son, Curtis Pike, the accident occurred after Mrs. Pike replaced her credit card in her wallet in the front seat of her car. When she stepped back out of the car and touched the pump, the static electricity caught the fumes on fire. In trying to put out the fire, she inadvertently kicked the gasoline hose out of the car spilling gasoline on and around her. Her clothing caught fire and reportedly, because of the type of material she was wearing, intensified the burns as it melted. A fund is being organized to help offset the travel costs and any other incidental expenses the family will incur. She is expected to be in the Lubbock burn center for as long as 45 days if not longer.

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