Children’s Miracle Network payoff

By Bobby Williams If you want to win anything, just let me buy your ticket and I’ll put your name on it. I purchased five tickets for a raffle to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network from Charlie Bush at Keith’s Ace Hardware and hit the nail on the head. Being the nice guy that I am, I put my wife’s name on part of the tickets. Sure enough, early one morning the phone rang and it was Ace Hardware advising that Bobbie Williams had won a prize. You might know that was Bobbie and not Bobby that won. The prize donated by Casa Grande Ranch was a one-day two-doe guided deer hunt at the Casa Grande Ranch located just across the Colorado River in Coleman County. Early (would you believe 5:30) the morning of Dec. 20, Bobbie and Bobby (I got to come along to do the field dressing if needed) headed out to meet with Tom Hail to go try to get the deer. Hail is the ranch manager of Casa Grande Ranch owned by Micah Greathouse of Abilene. Bobbie had to shoot three times to get her first deer (she said the barrel of her gun must be bent as she hit low twice). After borrowing Tom’s .30-.30 she got her deer on the next shot from about 135 yards. Bobby was allowed to get her second one for her so we didn’t have to stay there all day. This was Bobbie’s first deer in a very long time. Deer steaks will be ready in two weeks.

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