Council to consider police vehicles, funds for additional tree trimming

When the Brady City Council meets Wednesday morning for its regular session, after a consultation with the city’s attorney for an update of arbitration proceedings with regards to the water treatment plant, they will address a short list of housekeeping items. The first action item will be to consider what type of vehicles to purchase for the Brady Police Department. On the previous meeting’s agenda, the item was tabled with the request by councilmen Jesse Tate and Rey Garza to provide them with more detailed information about the operating costs of the two types of vehicles. One of the vehicles requested to be purchased by the department is a Ford Expedition. According to Brady Police Chief Tommy Payne, this one vehicle is being requested to provide easier access to off-road areas, specifically those surrounding Brady Lake. The second action item for the council will be to approve nominations to the McCulloch County Appraisal District Board of Directors. Only two ordinances are on Wednesday’s agenda. The first is a follow-up to a recent directive by the council for City Manager Merle Taylor to arrange for tree trimming crews to come to Brady to remove tree limbs from powerlines. Line loss rates due to the excessive tree growth over the past year has led to the decision to combat the problem by paying tree crews to perform the task. The initial amount of $25,000 is expected to be closer to $50,000 which will require council approval. The second ordinance will update the city’s taxing structure following a new legislative update that allows municipalities to tax tangible business property in transit. The meeting will adjourn following reports from the city manager about general operations.

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