LCRA names new CEO

Thomas G. Mason of Austin will be the ninth general manager of the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). LCRA’s 15-member Board of Directors at its Nov. 14 meeting unanimously selected Mason to take on the job previously held by Joe Beal of Bastrop. Mason, who will assume his new duties immediately, has been LCRA’s general counsel since 1999 and has served on LCRA’s legal staff for 20 years. ‘As LCRA general counsel, Tom Mason has been involved in every aspect of LCRA’s operations. He has demonstrated strong judgment and a deep, wide grasp of the broad scope of LCRA’s activities,’ said LCRA Board Chair Ray Wilkerson. ‘Tom’s expertise, combined with his impeccable integrity and commitment to the mission of this organization, make him an outstanding choice as LCRA general manager and chief executive officer.’ ‘As general manager for the past eight years, Joe Beal has enriched the quality of life for the people who live in the Colorado River basin, and he has taken steps to help preserve that quality of life for this region far into the future,’ Wilkerson said. ‘The people served by LCRA reap the benefits of his leadership during times of drought and during times of flood. Because of Joe, there are more parks, cleaner electricity, a more reliable electric transmission grid, more effective flood management and plans under way for a long- term water supply. ‘Joe Beal leaves LCRA with a strong legacy of leadership and public service, and I thank him for his years of service to the people of Texas,’ Wilkerson said. ‘I know Tom will continue to build on that legacy.’ ‘I am pleased that I will be leaving LCRA under the capable leadership of Tom Mason,’ said Beal, who has been LCRA’s general manager since January 2000. ‘Throughout his 20-year career at LCRA, Tom has earned the respect of board members, staff and customers alike. He has the knowledge and skills that are needed to lead LCRA successfully and ensure it continues to fulfill its mission and provide energy, water and community services for the people of Texas.’ ‘I thank the board of directors for their vote of confidence,’ Mason said.’I am stepping into some very big shoes in succeeding Joe Beal, who has been an outstanding general manager. I look forward to working with this fabulous organization to ensure that LCRA continues to serve the people of Texas with the energy, water and community services they expect and deserve.’ As LCRA’s general manager and chief executive officer, Mason will carry out LCRA Board policy, manage LCRA’s relationships with its customers and stakeholders, appoint and direct executive staff, and oversee projects and operations that support LCRA’s public service mission of protecting people, property and the environment. As LCRA general counsel, Mason has served as chief legal counsel and policy advisor to LCRA’s 15-member Board of Directors, general manager and staff. He was responsible for all LCRA legal affairs, led a team of in- house attorneys and oversaw services provided by outside counsel. Prior to joining LCRA in 1987, Mason served as assistant general counsel for the Texas Department of Water Resources and director of the Water Quality Division of the Texas Water Commission. He was also a partner in a law firm with a statewide practice in environmental and administrative law. His management expertise includes senior leadership, corporate oversight, legislative strategy and analysis, problem solving, ethics training and counseling, strategic planning, policy development and analysis, and public, corporate and environmental law. He graduated magna cum laude from The University of Texas at Austin and received a doctorate of jurisprudence with honors from The University of Texas School of Law. Beal, LCRA’s outgoing general manager, joined LCRA in 1995 and led the organization since 2000 to ensure that its energy, water and community services operations continued to meet the growing needs of its customers and communities throughout the Central Texas region and that the organization served as a resource, when needed, for the entire state of Texas.

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