Agriculture main topic to students

Over 120 fourth grade students and their teachers from the Brady and Lohn Independent School Districts learned how agriculture and natural resources touch their lives every day during the annual McCulloch County Farm Bureau’s ‘Ag in the Classroom’ program. The programs were held at Brady’s Elementary School last month. ‘In McCulloch County we are fortunate that we still have strong connections to our rural life,” said coordinators Dave Edmiston and Jerry Kidd, “but even in our county, we have several families that are now two or more generations away from the farm. It’s very important that as educators, we continuously remind our next generations of the importance of our natural resources and agriculture.’ Speakers included Farm Bureau Representatives Dustin Kinder and Todd Griffen, McCulloch County Farm Bureau President Dave Edmiston, Hickory Underground Water representatives Angelina Deans and Ronnie Moore, Extension Agent Jane Holubec & BLT Program Assistant Sheila Van Zant.

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