Theater Society to show military films at VFW Hall on Nov. 10

The McCulloch County Historical Theater Society will be presenting several military-themed movies on Saturday, Nov. 10th at 6:30 at the VFW Hall on Memory Lane.’ The general public is invited and admission to the films is free.’The VFW will have snacks and drinks for sale. AT WAR WITH THE ARMY was only Jerry Lewis’ and Dean Martin’s second film together.’ They were supporting comedians in the film MY FRIEND IRMA (1949) once before this film was shot.’ They produced this film independently themselves.’ The’pair’play former nightclub partners who have enlisted in the Army.’ Martin’s character, Seargeant Puccinelli, is desperately trying to get transferred from his dull desk job to active duty overseas.’ Prive Korwin (Jerry Lewis) keeps trying to get a pass to see his wife and baby.’ Private Korwin’s bumbling’constantly annoys Sergeant Puccinelli.’ Polly Bergen plays the woman that has’Dean Martin’s eye.’ Jerry Lewis sings the song The Navy Gets the Gravy but the Army Gets the Beans.’ The team also do a spoof of Bing Crosby’s movie GOING MY WAY. Also on the program is the Army training film RUMORS (1943).’ The U.S. Military knew that training films could be boring, so they paid the Warner Brothers Studios to produce a series of short training films.’ The same’talented people’who created Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck came up with the character Private SNAFU, who can’t do anything the right way.’ In addition, Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, wrote many of these cartoons.’ In this cartoon, Private SNAFU is in the latrine when he hears a rumor.’ He tells several other people in camp, and soon everyone at the base is in a panic. A World War II newsreel featuring scenes of the Battle of Okinawa and the near-sinking of the U.S.S. Franklin will be shown.’ On March 19, 1945, the aircraft carrier USS Franklin was launching attacks on Japan when a single enemy plane hit it with two armor-piercing bombs.’ Over 700 personnel were killed, but the film shows that many more were saved as the ship’s crew tried to keep her afloat.’ The ship was eventually towed back to Pearl Harbor, and then to New York City. The full program will be approximately two hours.’ All of the films were released before the MPAA rated films for content. AT WAR WITH THE ARMY could be considered to be rated G.’ The newsreel contains violent scenes of actual combat, and may not be suitable for small children. For more information about this program or the Brady Palace Theater, visit

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