Peanuts bring growers tidy sum

Nov. 4-8, 1966 With the peanut harvest about two-thirds complete, Brady Mills Inc., has paid out about $550,000 to peanut growers in McCulloch and Mason Counties. Thus, area farmers are expected to receive over $600,000 for their crop this year. A.E. (Skinny) Sanders, manager, estimated that about 2,500 tons of nuts have been bought by the mill. He expects 1,000 or so tons will be moved by the end of the harvest, which is proving to be a good one. “The irrigated farms have produced about as many as they did last year, but the dry land farmers have had a good season due to the rains, thus their better than average yield will up the amount over that of last year,” Sanders said. Most of the local nuts are put in storage here. Later they will be put up at auction and sold to the highest bidder. The local peanuts are of superior quality and they are generallly sold as planting seed. Sanders expects about 8,000 tons of the nuts from the Southwest area of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico will be crushed in the mill here. Most of those hauled from South Texas will be crushed for meal and oil while the hulls are ground and sold as feed. Even the hulls are bringing good prices this year, he said. They are going for $8 a ton which is better than usual. The peanuts are bringing about $220 a ton. Much of the milled products are sent elsewhere in the United States, but a lot were exported last year to London, England and Canada. According to bookkeeper Bill Johnson, last year 7,680 tons of meats were processed here as were 6 million pounds of oil and about 10 million pounds of meal. Luther Simon, who farms between Voca and Fredonia recently arrived at the mill with 255 sacks of nuts that filled a pickup truck and trailer. He is farming 23.6 acres of peanuts on dry land and estimated he will have 809 sacks. Sanders cited one reason for the peanuts grown in the area being of superior grade is that most are raised on irrigated land and the farmers wait until they mature before threshing them. “Another reason is that they are cured in bags on the farm before they are marketed. A bonus is paid for peanuts raised here,” he said. “The peanut in McCulloch County is big business, adding extra dollars to the income of the farmers as well as working people,” Sanders pointed out. “Right now our payroll amounts to from $2,000 to $3,000 per week, thus the mill contributes much to the economy of the community.” *** 12 Brady bandsmen chosen All-District Twelve members of the Brady High School Band were chosen on the Southern Zone All-district band at the tryouts here last Saturday. Suzette Calliham on cornet and Bob McDonough, trombone, were chosen for first chair horns in their section. Other band members to make the choice band were William Sillemon, cymbals; Debbie Huffman, oboe; Norma Holloway, Christy Woody and Cheryl Land, clarinets; Kathy Young, alto saxophone; Carol Ricks, Rita Crew and Linda Simpson, french horns and Gwen Ashba, string bass. Sixty-five of the 115 appearing for tryouts were chosen for the band. A concert was presented in the high school auditorium Saturday evening, featuring the All-District students. James Mallow, Brady band director, pointed out that the competition was not compulsory but something that the young people wanted to do badly enough to put in hours of practice in order to excel. *** Dynamite and caps taken in burglary Eight sticks of dynamite and some caps were taken in a Sunday night burglary of the Farmers and Ranchers Co-op, according to Police Chief Dorman Gibbs. A small amount of change from a cold drink machine was also taken. Gibbs said the theft was probably committed by amateurs. “We are not so concerned over how much was taken,” Gibbs said, “but because of the dynamite which could be very dangerous. If some youngster took the explosive and starts experimenting or playing with it, then a very drastic accident could result. “We are asking anyone that sees anything that looks like sticks of dynamite or finds any lying around to please contact the police department,” he said. Entry to the building was gained by breaking a south window and climbing into the office where the explosive was kept. *** December wedding set for Spiller/Penn Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spiller of Brady announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Jane, to Tommy Penn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Penn of Mercury. The wedding will be held Dec. 2 in the Presbyterian Church with the Rev. Robert Graham, pastor, officiating. *** Attend hair style show Mrs. Edward Lyckman and daughter, Caroline Graham, Mrs. Garnet Hagler and Mrs. Lou Underwood were in San Angelo Sunday to attend Zoto’s hair Style Beauty Show at the Townhouse.

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