BISD trustees approve initial design for new high school schematic

The board of trustees of the Brady Independent School District has formally approved the schematic design for the new high school that will be built following the passage of the bond package during last May’s election. As the next formal step in the process, the board approved plans that will now allow for the architect to take the basic floor plan and work closely with the construction manager to develop firm costs and blueprints as to how the details will fit together. The details of every aspect of building the new facility will be finalized, which will then be used to go out for bids for actual construction. According to Supt. Steve McCarn, this next phase of the project should last at least until December. The schematic design that was approved by the board included one significant design change in the layout of the gymnasium. The approved plans now include collapsable back rest seating on the home side of the gymnasium. With these approved plans, the construction manager will now attempt to see if the plans submitted can actually be built at the price that will fit into the $14.5 million bond package. Supt. McCarn also stated that the district does have plans to use some of the $2.4 million the district has in reserves that is designated specifically for building construction to help pay for the cost of the new facilty. The new high school will be built adjacent to the middle school that is located on U.S. Hwy. 190 West. See the board’s initial approved layout on Page 14.

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