ASC payments aid McCulloch County

Oct. 18-21, 1966 McCulloch County’s economy is being boosted by more than a half million dollars this fall because of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service. To be more specific, McCulloch farmers have received or will receive shortly a total of $628,181 in Soil Bank and diversion payments since they started Aug. 26, according to figures of John Shurtleff, county ASC office manager. The 128 farmers participating in the soil bank are receiving checks that total $159,299, according to Shurtleff. Checks in the amount of $154,474 were mailed Oct. 12, and the remainder will be mailed as they are processed. There was no reduction in payments this year due to grazing, Shurtleff said. In four other programs of the ASC, McCulloch County farmers have received an additional $468,882 in checks that were mailed out beginning Aug. 26. Cropland adjustment, cotton diversion, feed grain diversion and wheat diversion practices have added substantially to the county farmer’s income. The largest amount in the practices was paid out in cotton diversion where farmers received $214,362, and the smallest was cropland adjustment in which checks for $21,822 were mailed. Other payments included $145,793 for feed grain diversion and $86,905 for wheat diversion. *** Seven big yellow catfish released in Brady Lake Frank Dickerson, McCulloch County game warden, “Dobber” Hilliard and John Brocat went to Brownwood Tuesday evening and brought back seven large yellow catfish that were released in Brady Lake. Dickerson has an agreement with a commercial netter at Lake Brownwood to furnish him with some yellow cat for stocking the lake here. The fish ranged up to 12 pounds and the seven weighed 48 pounds. He expects to be able to get several more of the big fish to put in the lake. “Yellow cat are hard to raise in the state hatcheries and this arrangement was made so that we could stock some in Brady Lake,” Dickerson explained. He also said that Hilliard and Brocat furnished the transportation and made the trip at their own expense. The preseason inventory on water fowl had been made and about 6,000 were counted, Dickerson stated. The count included bald pate, pintail, gadwall and blue and green wing teal. About half of the count was coot. The game warden noted that they counted 10 sandhill cranes, which was very unusual since they do not ordinarily stop here. *** Winners selected in pass, punt and kick Almost 100 boys between the ages of 8 and 13 participated in the annual Pass, Punt and Kick contest here last Saturday morning. The contest is sponsored each year by the Ford Motor Company and the local agency, Curtis Norman Co., Inc., and awards are made to the first three winners in six age groups. First, second and third place medals were presented to the winners in each group. The participants pass, punt and kick the football for both distance and accuracy. After the boy has completed each of the three phases, the distance is measured and the accuracy is subtracted. He is then credited with the remaining points. Winners in the six classes were: 8 year-olds’Mark Lemons, David Fisher and Brent Hatch. 9 year-olds’John W. Rudder, Dan Moran and Menzies McWilliams. 10 year-olds’Gary Scott, Curtis Martin and Ricky Gary. 11 year-olds’Ken Whiteley, Bob Brown and Jeff Robinett. 12 year-olds’Rodney Jacksin, Robert McSwain and Ricky Allison. 13 year-olds’Wayne Jordan, Almer Jordan and Aster Ortega. *** Rochelle FHA installs officers The Rochelle Chapter of Future Homemakers of America met recently in the school cafeteria when a candlelighting ceremony was used for the installation of the 1966-67 officers. Vicki Gamblin, Area 7 fourth vice-president, served as the installing officer. The outgoing officers each lit a candle and gave the chapter objectives. As each new officer was recognized, she repeated her official responsibilities. Installed were: Donna Springer, president; Millie Adams, first vice-president; Marjorie Jeffries, second vice-president; Dessie Creech, third vice- president; Deanie Smith, fourth vice-president; Linda Roberts, fifth vice-president; Donna Clevenger, parliamentrian; Shirley Lively, historian; Brenda Deeds, treasurer; Susan Boren, secretary and Lee Moseley, pianist. After the installation, Gamblin told of her visit to Washington, D.C., while Mrs. Madeline Davenport of the McCulloch Electric Cooperative, showed slides of the trip. Mrs. Clova Bryson is chapter sponsor.

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