City-wide block party to offer safe alternative to trick-or-treating

Knowing which house is safe for young trick-or- treaters to visit has always been a worry for parents as they parade their little gouls and goblins around town in Halloween tradition. For Brady kiddos, several trick-or-treating alternatives have been a constant for a while now; however, a new attraction, the Fall City-Wide Block Party, will offer yet another safe option for parents to consider. Sponsored by Vision Heights Church of God, the event will highlight 12 different homes/businesses in a block party fashion. “We want to show the city the love of Christ and be a witness to our neighborhoods,” said Pastor Trent Taylor. “We welcome families to get involved and bring their children dressed up in costumes (which don’t depict evil, death or anything scary). We’ll have fun activities, candy and food available for you and your family to enjoy in a wholesome and Godly atmosphere. “If we can’t affect and influence our neighborhood and show the love of Christ, how can we affect and influence the world'” Halloween candy will be provided by the church at each location; however, anyone who would like to donate items or make a monetary donation to the cause is asked to contact Taylor at the church. The party will begin at 6:30 p.m. and continue at each location until 8:30 p.m. Food items planned include hotdogs, nachos and other easy fixin’s. The following is a list of participating locations: ‘ 1801 South China ‘ 2016 South High ‘ 1918 Calf Creek ‘ 1000 Hackberry ‘ 707 West 12th ‘1913 South Walnut ‘ 1308 South Cypress ‘805 South Walnut ‘1708 South Pine ‘ 101 Lackey ‘ Damuth Taxidermy ‘ 107 Nueva Dr.

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