Brady’s First Christian Church to celebrate 125th anniversary Sunday

On Sunday, Oct. 21, the First Christian Church of Brady will be celebrating its 125th anniversary with a catered meal following worship. A ‘full meal deal’ will be $8 per person. The CWF is providing a special anniversary cake for dessert. This year, the congregation will be praising the Lord with special music provided by some of the church’s members and also by the Hand Bell Chimes from the First United Methodist Church. Other special guests will be those who have served in the pulpit in previous years. ” Come and join in our Christian worship and fellowship and festivity on this special Sunday,” said Pat Summer. “This will be a great opportunity to become better acquainted with our new pastor, Walter (Scooter) Reed and his wife, Harriett. Come and enjoy the fullness of the Lord’s blessings.” The History of FCC The First Christian Church of Brady began its existence in mid-October, 1882, and the site of its first meeting was a grove of live oak trees which stood where the post office now stands. When the new post office was built on its current site, one live oak tree was left standing as a witness to the organization of the Christian Church. The church was known in its earliest years as the Christian Church of Brady or as the Brady Christian Church of Brady, as early as 1910, but it is believed to have officially been changed in 1927. ” The First Christian Church has been a driving force in the Brady community since its inception,” said Ms. Summer. “It has grown from a spot under the live oak trees to a striking building with a beautiful sanctuary (a favorite for wedding ceremonies), fellowship hall, an additional education building, and grounds used for everything from Christmas pageants and vacation Bible school to volley ball games. “Members of the First Christian Church of Brady have loved their church, and numerous gifts and bequests have been made to it through the years. The church is full of history, and the memorials that have been given through the years are prominently displayed and remain treasures to the current church membership.” The Church has grown and prospered through the years, but its real prosperity, as it was in the beginning, is its mission and witness as expressed in the lives of its members.

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