Showing up to play

Well, that was exciting wasn’t it’ Your Brady Bulldogs really came to play last Friday as they dismantled the Mason Punchers, 48-2. It was a really good performance on both sides of the ball and special teams. But, of course, we are coaches. We watched the film on Saturday. As just about any coach will tell you, the film never looks as bad as it might have on Friday night and it never looks as good either. Well, this one really didn’t look as good on film as it did in Mason Friday night. We made numerous mistakes that must be corrected before this Friday. But I will say this; we are improving each and every week. That is really what every coach is looking for ‘improvement. And if that is the test, then we passed last Friday. We go to Blanco to take on the always tough Blanco Panthers. Danny Rogers took over that program a few years back and has them playing very well. They were the district favorite, and after defeating Comfort last week I would guess they would still be favored. But there is something special about this edition of the Brady Bulldogs. They really do not care who or what team is across the field from them. This bunch will flat out play hard and play physical. I heard a coach from the Pac Ten this past week say, ‘We don’t care who we play’we just care how we play.’ That is our on-going motto for the district race. Besides attempting to re-gain respect from each team we lost to last year, we will play hard, play physical and play aggressively. That is how we play. It doesn’t matter who’it is how. Kick-off in Blanco is at 7:30 p.m. Friday. See you at the game.

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