Majestic live oak draws attention of concerned

Nobody likes to stand in the way of progress, but that is exactly what happened Friday afternoon when word began circulating around town that the crew demolishing the old Shuffield Nursing Home was scheduled to cut down a 125-plus-year-old live oak tree that is positioned in the middle of the lot. Several local concerned citizens began an effort to save the tree when they learned that the tree would be felled so the building that will house the new O’Reilly Auto Parts store can be built. ‘When we learned about the plans to cut down the tree, a group of us began making phone calls and making an effort to save the tree,’ said Laney Weise. ‘I am glad I got involved when I heard about it. I had a very cordial conversation with Charles Reeves, the owner of the development company that now owns the lot, and it appears that we might be able to work something out that will allow this magnificent tree to be saved.’ Several concerned citizens had contacted the demolition crew and expressed their concerns which led to a flurry of activity in hopes of thwarting the tree’s demise. The tree measures 13 feet in circumference and according to members of the group, is at least 125 years old if not considerably older. According to Mrs. Weise, plans to remove the tree have been placed on hold until a suitable resolution can be found.

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