Respect the effort

To the Editor: When a person or group consistently performs with success, it may begin to appear that excellence comes with ease. Not so. In fact, each new endeavor must equal or exceed previous successes. The ‘F’ in Famed Brady Bulldog Band has been earned by hundreds of BHS students and their directors who, year after year, have committed themselves to hours of hard work and dedication in pursuit of the coveted Sweepstakes recognition. No less important has been the outstanding moral and financial support that has come from this community who is ever so proud of its FBBB. Dozens of band directors across the state would gladly have the backing that the Brady bands receive from parents, friends and community. Knowing this to be true, I was taken aback as I sat in the stands last Friday night and strained to hear our kids’ program over the noise and conversation. Granted, it was homecoming and there was no little excitement over the various events of the evening; however, I believe that we, the audience, were sending a very unintended message to our band. This year’s program is somewhat different from programs of the past that have placed more emphasis on the big marching band sound that often compels the attention of the audience. A current trend in contest programs is the performance of concert music as the band moves across the field. Such music often features the woodwinds. It is difficult and competitive and the kids are doing a great job with it. If we give the students our kind and respectful attention, I know we’ll be as proud as ever of our Famed Brady Bulldog Band. Sincerely, Debbie Vickers Brady, Tex.

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