Bulldog band won’t make trip to Coahoma game

Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 1966 Members of the school board voted Monday night against sending the Brady High School band to Coahoma for the Brady-Coahoma football game Friday night. “We regret having to make this decision, but there are several factors that enter into it. I made the initial decision and the board went along,” said Supt. C.A. Reynolds. “In the first place, we would have to pull all the buses off their runs and would have to turn out school at noon. That means we would either lose half a day or have to make it up. Then the length of the trip enters into it. We figured it would take five hours to get to Coahoma, two and a half hours for the game and a five our return trip. It would be 3:30 a.m. or 4 a.m. before they got back to Brady and that is too late. Besides, that is too long a drive for one bus driver to make,” Reynolds explained. “This is not anything new. When we played Del Rio and Uvalde, we didn’t take the band for the same reason. We just couldn’t dismiss 1,338 children so the band could accompany the team,” he continued. Pre-game tickets for the Brady-Coahoma game will not be sold. School officials there notified Principal Boyd Hunt Tuesday that tickets would be sold only at the gate. Cost of admission will be $1.25 for adults and 50 cents for students. All Brady fans will park on the east side of the high school, enter the east gate and sit in the east stands. “Several people have asked why we are playing Coahoma. I think they are due an explanation,” Reynolds said. “The first factor in the setup is that the University Interscholastic League shuffled the districts around then pushed the starting date back a week. We were unable to schedule games with old rivals like Belton and Fredericksburg because they had a 10-game district set-up with only one warm up game. Their dates would not fit ours. We searched everywhere for a Class AA or AAA school for our pre-district games but were unable to get one. “In order to have a full 10-game schedule, we had to match with Colorado City and Coahoma. For a Class A school, Coahoma is no pushover. They put out some real good teams and have a winning habit.” “School will be dismissed at 2:45 p.m. for students who want to go to the game. Game time will be 8 p.m., and they will have plenty of time to make the kickoff,” Reynolds added. *** Lohn girl to attend national 4-H event Elizabeth Jean Hemphill, outstanding McCulloch County 4-H girl, has been named state winner in the 1966 4-H Home Improvement Awards program, according to a state 4-H club office announcement. The 16-year-old 4-H member will receive an all- expense paid trip to the National 4-H congress, Chicago, Nov. 27-Dec. 1. Jeanie will meet the rest of the group of 4-H members in Dallas Nov. 25, at which time the Texas delegation will leave, returning Dec. 3. Jeanie is the daughter of Mrs. Lillie Hemphill of Lohn. She is a senior at Lohn High School where she is an active participant in extra-curricular activities, and a veteran of eight years on the Lohn 4-H club. Leaders of the Lohn 4-H club are Mrs. Glen Huie and Mrs. Roy Moore. Jeanie has served as an officer of her club each of the years she has been in 4-H. She has also been council delegate three times. Project work completed have been in home improvement, public speaking, clothing, food preparation and recreation. She has served as junior leader in foods, teaching a younger group of her club members in 4-H Favorite Foods Unit I. Jeanie won first place in District Home Improvement award in 1963-65 and won first place in District Public Speaking in 1963. *** Joe Tinney closes door after 37 years of highway work Joe T. Tinney closed the door Friday on 37 years and two months’ work for the Texas Highway department, maintenance division in Brady. He began work for the highway department in Brady in 1928. He quit that same year and returned in 1929. Since then he has worked continuously for the department. His first job was as common laborer, grubbing brush and helping maintain the state highways. He went from there to truck driving and then to driving the maintenance blade. He has ridden the maintainer for 34 years. While serving under five maintenance foreman, he has seen the highways in the county grow from three to five, plus 11 farm-to-market paved roads. “There were only four miles of paved highway when I began work in 1928. Now there are 258.48 miles in McCulloch County,” he said. He has no immediate plans for the future. “Think I will just ‘piddle’ around for this year. Got some work to do at the place and I will get in some fishing, but mostly nothing,” he said. There’s not much chance he will get homesick for the maintenance warehouse. He lives just across the highway from it and can drop in anytime for a visit. He has lived in and around Brady most of his life and has raised four children who are “all married and gone from home.”

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