Bicycle Safety

So far, a cyclist’s right to be on the roadway and/or sidewalk and where on the roadway a cyclist may legally ride have been covered.’Also discussed was riding two abreast. Riding in a predictable manner and being responsible for your own safety have been emphasized. ‘Today’s article is a sundry of other, more self explanatory laws and guidelines included in the ‘Texas Drivers Handbook,’ revised October 2004. ‘Bicycle laws: 1. A person riding a bicycle shall not ride other than upon or astride a permanent and regular seat. 2. No bicycle shall be used to carry more persons at one time than the number for which it is designed or equipped. 3. No person riding a bicycle shall attach the same or himself to any streetcar or vehicle upon the roadway. 4. No person’operating a bicycle shall carry any package, bundle or article which prevents the driver from keeping at least one hand upon the handlebars. 5. Bicyclists may ride on shoulders. 6. Every bicycle shall be equipped with a brake which will enable the operator to make the braked wheels skid on dry, level, clean pavement. 7. Every bicycle in use at nighttime shall be equipped with the following: ‘ A lamp on the front which shall emit a white light visible at a distance of at least 500 feet to the front of the bicycle. ‘ A red reflector on the rear of a type approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety which shall be visible from’distances of 50’to’300 feet. A red light on the rear visible from a distance of 500 feet may be used in addition to the red reflector. ‘Some guidelines also found in the ‘Texas Drivers Handbook,’ revised October 2004: 1. Although not required by law, it is highly suggested that bicycle riders wear an approved bicycle helment. 2. When riding on pedestrian facilities, reduce speed and exercise caution. 3. Do not weave in and out of parked cars. 4. Move off the street to stop, park, or make repairs to your bicycle. 5. A bicyclist should select a route according to a person’s on bicycling skill and experience. 6. It is not required by law, but bicycles should be equipped with a mirror.This article was taken mostly from the Texas Drivers Handbook, Oct. 2004 (the newest one).’ Chapter 13 is about Bicycle Vehicle Law and Safety.’ There is in Chapter 9 page 7, a section for motor vehicle drivers “sharing the road with bicycles.” ‘ If you have questions or comments about this article or other bicycle safety issues, contact me at

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