Burglar busy Sunday night’two grocers hit

Sept. 23-27, 1966 Two Brady grocery stores were burglarized Sunday night, adding to the increasing number of such break-ins in the area. Wayne Rawlings, owner of Rawlings Grocery, at the corner of 11th and Wall streets, discovered that his store had been broken into when he opened Monday morning. The rear door was so badly damaged that he could not open it and the burglars had gained entry through the front door. Rawlings said about 30 cartons of cigarettes, some chewing gum and a few pennies were missing. This is the second time in the past five months that he has been burglarized. Ellison’s Grocery and Station on North Bridge street, was the victim of the other break-in. Carl Ellison, owner, found the rear door to his grocery had been jimmied and 15 cases of beer, 10 cartons of cigarettes, a wrist watch and about five dollars in pennies were taken. Rawlings, when reporting the robbery, thought that he had lost two bags of change amounting to about $50. Later in the day he found the money. He laughingly explained that he had changed his hiding place for the bags Saturday night and had forgotten where he put them. His mother, who works at the store, found them later in the day. Police Chief Dorman Gibbs investigated the burglaries and said that they had a few suspects and one clue which they were trying to run down. He attributed the burglaries, along with the numerous ones in the surrounding area, to the tight money situation. “Things are going to get worse, instead of better as far as thefts are concerned. I would advise all merchants and homeowners alike to check their locks and be sure that they are good ones. “The harder they make it for someone to break in, the more chance it gives us to catch the culprits. If they have to make a lot of noise or it takes them a long time to get in the chances of apprehending them are that much better,” Gibbs emphasized. *** Muzzle loaders plan fall matches at Brady Lake The Texas Muzzle Loading Rifle Association will hold its annual fall matches Oct. 7-9 at the Kenneth Medlock Range at Brady Lake. Eighteen hunting type matches will make up the program for the shoot. Both authentic muzzle loading weapons and custom reproductions will be used, says Lou Williamson of Fort Worth, president. Contestants will shoot at targets in the shape of deer, coons and buffalo as well as bullseyes. Two ladies’ matches and two junior matches are also scheduled. Merchandise prizes will be given to first through third place winners. The match will be the second of the TMLRA held at the Brady Lake range. In June the annual state championship matches were held here and the range was dedicated to the late Kenneth Medlock. At that time, 108 shooters registered. The TMLRA formerly held their matches in San Angelo. This shoot is usually considered a “fun” meet by the members. Match no. 7 is indicative of the fun part of the meet. It will be a pot-hunter’s match in which the shooter will fire at a string holding a picnic ham. Additional shots cost 25 cents each and the trophy will be the picnic ham. If the string is not cut, the ham will be given away in a drawing from the registrants’ names. The by-laws of the TMLRA require that any competitor desiring to shoot in the aggregate matches, of which there will be two, be a member of the association. Dues are three dollars and can be paid at the matches. Brady members of the TMLRA are James Feazelle, George Purcell, John Rudder, J.W. Hughes, Bert Harrison, Jon Ed Weaver and Jerry Wood. Local residents may join the organization by paying the dues. Williamson, a professional gunsmith, was elected head of the group at the state meet here last year. *** 4-H council names new officers and delegates to district Ten members of the McCulloch County Council met in the home demonstration office Saturday, Sept. 17, to elect new officers and delegates. Michael Whitworth of Melvin and Sylvia Huffman of Rochelle were elected co-chairmen and are also delegates to the District Council. Gayle Taliaferro of Melvin is secretary and Becky Hester of Lohn, reporter. Alternate delegates elected were Larry Ringer and Gayle Taliaferro. Representing McCulloch County in the District 4-H Council at Robert Lee on Oct. 1 are Mike Whitworth, Kathy Flemming, Sandra Marshall and Sylvia Huffman. The group enjoyed a report given by Sandra on her trip to Houston for the state 4-H Council. Sandra will also attend the Honor Awards Banquet at the Texas State Fair as a member of the state council. Plans for the next meeting on Oct. 6 and National 4-H club Week, Sept. 24-Oct. 1 were discussed. *** Visits sister Mrs. Geneva Watkins of Lubbock spent last weekend as a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hagler. The two ladies are sisters.

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