TCEQ publishes revision to outdoor burning guide

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) today released a revision to Outdoor Burning in Texas, a guide which helps summarize and explain Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, sections 111.201-22, the state’s burning regulations. The Outdoor Burning Rule prohibits outdoor burning anywhere in Texas, however it allows for exceptions in which burning is necessary. The 19-page document provides answers to the most often asked questions, including: ‘ Do I need a permit to burn my garbage’ The TCEQ does not issue burning permits. Outdoor burning, in general, is prohibited in Texas, although there are certain exceptions allowed in the rules. For instance, domestic waste may be burned when the local governmental jurisdiction does not collect trash. ‘ Do I have to get my neighbor’s approval before I can legally burn’ Written approval must be obtained beforehand, if the burning takes place less than 300 feet from any structure, including a nearby residence, or business, as well as livestock, or certain vegetation. ‘ How do I report someone who is illegally burning outdoors’ You may report burning to the local air pollution control office, or the nearest TCEQ regional office. The TCEQ also provides a toll free Environmental Complaint Hotline, 888-777-3186. Complaints can also be submitted by e-mail at All TCEQ news releases are available at

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