New projects nearing completion

A quick drive through the main thoroughfares of Brady shows a bevy of activity and construction ranging from massive projects like the new Wal- Mart Supercenter and the South Bridge Street renovation to others like the new retail building at Brady Butane and even the new auto mechanic building on West Commerce Street. With so many different projects happening in and around Brady, a quick update on projected time lines and expected completion dates is sure to get the attention of area citizens. H South Bridge Street The rain delayed portions of the project that had an overall completion time span of 18 months. According to Reece-Albert representatives, the project is now moving along at a good pace and hopes are that the entire project will be completed in November. According to Brady City Manager Merle Taylor, he received a report from the Reece-Albert crews earlier this week that one of the sections of one lane on the east side of the roadway currently being built did not meet compaction testing standards at the state offices in Austin. “According to a report from one of our local workers, the core samples they took passed the compaction requirements just fine when they did them here in Brady,” said Taylor, “but when the samples got to Austin, there was something that happened and it didn’t pass the test.” That particular portion of roadway, which is reportedly about 400 feet long, will have a layer of the asphalt removed and replaced. H Wal-Mart Supercenter Construction superintendent Mike Wineinger told the Brady Standard-Herald Thursday that his crews are nearly back on schedule after losing several weeks to weather delays. “We have a 200-ton crane coming today to help get the roof units positioned, and after that, we have our interior concrete slab work scheduled for next week,” said Wineinger. “After we get the concrete poured, we should be 100 percent on that project and from there, we begin the finishing work that will continue through the end of the project.” Wineinger also stated that sheet rock work is currently underway and if all goes according to plan, the expected construction project should be completed Dec. 3. “We are scheduled to finish by early December, but because of the holiday schedule and the amount of product the stores move during the month of December, the store is not scheduled to take possession of the new building until Jan. 24 with a grand opening tentatively set for Feb. 24.” H Town & Country The new Town & Country convenience store and truck stop located on South Bridge Street is nearing completion and could be finished as early as Oct. 15. Gary Davis, construction superintendent for the project, said Wednesday that the interior of the building is nearly complete and is waiting on several key components. “If we had all of the necessary materials, we could finish the interior within a week or two,” said Davis, “but we are working toward having the entire project done and ready to be occupied by Oct. 15.” Crews were welding on the canopy structure on Wednesday which will be lifted into place within the next few days. Concrete crews are also finishing their projects. No official word has been released on what will become of the property that is occupied by the current Town & Country store at the intersection of 17th and Bridge Streets. H AutoTechs Chris Murray, longtime mechanic at the local Ford dealership, opened his own private auto repair shop in the old Phillips 66 station on West Commerce back on May 8, 2006. Murray hired fellow workers Jack Turk and James Sandoval to help out at the shop and since first opening the business, the customer demand has prompted Murray to expand and renovate his current facility. With the increased demand, he is now in the expansion process and building a six-bay repair shop and is currently considering hiring an additional mechanic to assist him in keeping up with the demand for his services. Turk serves at the diagnostician and Sandoval helps out in the mechanic’s bay. “I made the decision back in February to expand where we are because we simply couldn’t keep up with our customers,” said Murray. The first beams of the 40×65 foot building were erected this week and if plans succeed, the new facility should be near completion also by mid- October. H Brady Butane This longtime Brady business recently began construction on a new 6,000 square foot retail facility that is located adjacent to its current building. According to Brady Butane employees, owner James Allen Williams plans to have the new retail shop open for business in the middle of November. Williams was out of town on Wednesday and was not available for official comment, but employees stated that the building is currently in the plumbing and electricity stages. They also stated that plans are reportedly to demolish the old building.

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