Locals publicize plans for new sand mining plant

Brady resident Ron Jordan, president of Proppant Specialists, Inc. has formally announced plans to construct a new sand mine in McCulloch County. The Proppant Voca Quarry and Plant would be the third sand mine in McCulloch County and the second sand mine that Proppant has in operation. The proposed location of the new plant is 2.76 miles south of Hwy. 71 off of County Road 216 near Voca. Proppant is headquartered at 2003 Nine Road in Brady. According to Jordan, proppant is the scientific word for the granular substance (generally sand) that is used in well stimulation process so that the maximum amounts of oil and gas can be obtained from a well. Sand can also be used for other things such as making glass, construction projects, playgrounds, golf courses, ball fields, residential and municipal pool filters, sand boxes, foundry molding and casting as well as many more uses. “The plant should help boost the local economy,” said Jordan. “Proppant has purchased 552 acres for the plant and is proposing an initial investment of approximately $17 million to construct the plant. Proppant also plans to employ 30 to 35 full time people with estimated wages and benefits totaling over $2 million per year. Those numbers would make Proppant one of the top 15 employers in the county.” Proppant currently operates a sand mine in Missouri. “Regrettably, Proppant has received some negative comments and misinformation has been spread to some McCulloch and Mason County residents,” said Jordan. “Someone has even gone so far as to put out a phone survey to try to discredit Proppant. Regardless of the negativity, Proppant looks forward to being a vital business in the local community.” Jordan invites citizens who have questions to contact him at 325-597-1560. “Proppant is enthusiastic to help the community continue to grow and prosper,” said Jordan.

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