It’s time for Brady to shift into second gear

A drive anywhere along the main thoroughfares through Brady will reveal to any passer by that things are happening in Brady. From major projects like Wal-Mart and the new Town and Country, to less obvious changes like new branches of old businesses and even the expansion of private businesses, the momentum in Brady has picked up speed. I met with the engineer and designers of the aquatic complex on Monday and had an enlightening visit along with the members of my aquatic complex design committee. In talking Wednesday morning about all of the various projects going on around Brady, I was really made aware of just how much forward momentum our town has right now. The best thing about it all is that there is more to come. I started hitting several of these more visible businesses Wednesday morning to chat with the proprietors and get the latest updates on their individual efforts. In a short amount of time, our town will begin to emerge with a new look as several of these major projects are completed within weeks of each other. As it stands now, Town and Country will most likely lead the way as first to complete their new building. That will be followed soon thereafter by Brady Butane’s expansion and Wal-Mart, on one end of town and AutoTechs on the other and soon after that’South Bridge Street will finally be completely renovated. Jay and Vickie May have taken over the old Hill Country Satellite location right there on Bridge street with their own real estate firm. The Jubilee House has nearly finished its renovation and the funky blue motel near 17th now has a much more subtle look thanks to the efforts of its new owners. Those are just some of the projects that are happening here and now. Guess what else is on its way’ Here is a short list of things that are now formally in the works, even though they might not have visible signs of activity. The three biggest are the aquatic complex, the new Brady High School and the new O’Reilly Auto Parts store that was just finalized earlier this week. What else is in the works that should happen’ The courthouse should be renovated to its historical integrity (assuming the politics involved don’t get too convoluted again). This project has already passed every hurdle except the most important’ getting the funds from those who are holding the purse strings. All of those happenings pair nicely with the fact that the City is now gearing up to follow through with its first efforts at code enforcement. I have been working to get the necessary paperwork and procedures in line and I will be meeting on Friday with our city manager and inspector to determine the exact plan of attack for dealing with problem areas. We are going to start with a short list of problem areas. We have been working on a letter notification system and been sending those letters for the past several weeks. Notification is always the first step in the process. Once we, the city, are ignored long enough, the wheels of the process are set in motion. That process is what will become a very publicized topic in the weeks to come. All in all, positive things are happening in our small town. The changes are coming and we must be observant enough to see them coming and we must be proactive enough to plan for them and take advantage of them as often as we can. I’ll be bold enough to say that this town will look dramatically different in six months. I’ll be even more bold in the statement that a year from now, we will surprise even ourselves and in two, three and four years from now’look out. We are not going to try and be something we are not. No, we don’t want to be a Fredericksburg or just like some other trendy town. What we do want to do is develop a vision like Fredericksburg did 20 years ago, and have our community buy into that idea and develop an identity for Brady as the small town in Central Texas where folks like to barbecue goats at an annual cook-off, enjoy each other’s company on a daily basis and a friendly smile is just around the corner. It’s time to push the clutch in second gear and see what is next.’JS

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