Don’t surrender just yet

If you are the average high school football fan ‘it would be very easy to give up on the 2007 Brady Bulldog football team. We are 0-2 at this juncture. We got blistered by a very good team and got beat by a very average team. Yes indeed, it would be easy to give up. But let me give you a few reasons not to surrender your belief in this team. Let’s look at week number one versus Coleman. There is a reason they are ranked in everybody’s Top 10. The Bluecats are a very solid football team which makes very few mistakes. They have 16 starters back from a team that played 14 games last year. Let’s be honest. For us to defeat them last week, they would have had to make a few mistakes and we would have needed to play near flawless. They made very few mistakes, and quite obviously, we did not play flawlessly, as 120 yards in penalties and no field position all evening long showed. Thus, the rout was on. Game number two against Ballinger was pretty much the same as the week before. Mistake after mistake costs us the game. Once again, penalty yardage and mental mistakes in the kicking game hurt us. We actually out-gained the Bearcats in total offense. As coaches, we have the luxury of watching video of our games. We can watch each play over and over. I promise you, we are a pretty decent football team making some horrendous mistakes’ both mental and physical (mostly mental). But as coaches, we also see that every single mistake made is correctable. I thought we kept our poise much better against Ballinger than the previous week. And we are still a pretty physical team. I guess the main reason not to quit on us is the same reason I told the kids Saturday night after the game: not one single thing that has happened these past two weeks have stopped us from our goals this season’including winning the district championship and/or advancing into the Class AA playoffs. If anything, these two weeks have helped us as coaches see what more we need to work on. I’ve done this long enough to understand where our weaknesses are. Ninety percent of them are between the ears. We can fix those much easier than physical problems. Game time at Comanche this Friday is at 7:30 p.m. Please do not give up on these kids. See you at the game.

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