Free tree limb disposal annouced for September

By James Stewart The pecan crop in many parts of the state is best described as a ‘limb breaker’ this year. In response to the number of calls for broken limb removal that have been received at City Hall, Brady City Manager Merle Taylor announced last week that the city would once again open the landfill for free brush and limb disposal for the month of September. ‘We are physically unable to keep up with the demand for tree trimming and broken limb removal,” said Taylor. “We need the public’s help in taking their own dead and broken tree limbs to the landfill,’ said Taylor. ‘Only brush and limbs will be accepted at no charge at the landfill, and all loads must be secured and weighed upon check-in.’ Homeowners in and around Central Texas are losing large limbs right and left. According to County Extension Agent Jerry Kidd, due to the large crop, the insect pressure from casebearer has been minimal, and as a result, many trees are still carrying a large crop. “In addition to that fact, the wet weather has allowed the nuts to attain their true genetic potential and as a result are very large, which makes the nuts weigh even more,” said Kidd. ‘The nuts will be the heaviest when the kernels are totally full of water.’ As a result of the bumper crops, many of the limbs are breaking. Kidd added that it is not too late and that nuts can still be removed from the tree to reduce the crop load and prevent limb breakage.

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