Historic Gordon T. Wood Stadium to host Brady, Ballinger Saturday matchup

What an exciting week we have in store. We have an opportunity to play in a place that most of you already know means a great deal to me. Right after I got this job in Brady a year ago last March, I was called by Steve Freeman, head football coach at Brownwood. He asked me if we would be interested in playing in what is known as the Gordon Wood Classic in September of 2007. Well, after numerous phone calls and arrangements over the next few weeks, contracts were signed and here we are. What an honor indeed, to be playing in a classic named for my high school football coach (and one of my heroes) and in a stadium I played in as a high school football player in Brownwood some 35 years ago. That’s right’as a junior at Brownwood High School in 1972 we opened what was then known as Centex Stadium with a game against the Abilene Cooper Cougars. Several years later the stadium was re-named Gordon Wood Stadium in honor of their (and my) legendary 9- time state champion coach. Add all of that to the fact that we are playing a community and team which I called home for six years and the ingredients for a great game is in the mix. The Ballinger Bearcats will be this week’s opponent. Their head coach, Brent Brevard, is a good friend of mine who I hired as an assistant while we were in Ballinger. They are a well-coached team and will always play hard. But allow me to reminisce just a bit. As we go to the new (35 year old) stadium in Brownwood, I’m reminded of old Lion Stadium over by the railroad tracks close to downtown. Do any of you remember that one’ Any old Brady Bulldogs who played the Lions anytime before 1972 would have dressed in the old junior high gym and walked into a stadium built during the early 1920s. Oh what memories that place brings to me’playing football behind the fence on the scoreboard end as an elementary kid, dressing in the old locker rooms for junior high practice and games. All of my junior high, ninth grade and JV games were played there. Dallas Huston, a very dear friend of mine and voice of the Brownwood Lions for almost 40 years, told me when they tore the stadium down only 15 years ago, there was a long line of cars which circled and circled all day long just remembering the ‘good old days.’ Some even took blocks of the concrete bleachers to save. Anyway, back to this week. It will be a great week to be a Bulldog. The Brownwood Lions open the Gordon Wood Classic on Friday as they play host to the Sweetwater Mustangs. Then the Bulldogs will host Ballinger at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at Gordon Wood Stadium in Brownwood. We will be the home team on the west side. See you at the game.’GJ

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