Skip and Valerie wed

What started out as a birthday party for Skip Priess, ended up as a full-fledged wedding. A long-time bachelor, Skip married his girlfriend, Valerie Allison, a mortgage broker in Concho County, last Saturday in San Angelo. Skip had invited a number of guests to celebrate his 60th birthday, and some 150 friends showed up at the Bentwood Country Club. After being roasted by several individuals, a minister went to the front, and Valerie and Skip wrapped arms around each other. To the surprise of those gathered for the birthday party, the pastor began their marriage vows. Priess moved to San Angelo from the San Antonio area a couple of years ago, and the gregarious man amassed a ton of friends. He was born and raised in Brady, the son of the late Harry and Kay Priess, and was a member of the Brady High School state championship golf tournament in 1964. Other members of the team were Charles Dicker, Karlton Steffens and Jimmy Criswell. All were present with the exception of Criswell. Bradyites in attendance at the affair included Donald and Tracy Kiesling, Richard and Pam Roper, Jack and Jill Needham, Steffens and Sandra and Larry Smith. Former Bradyites, Billy Ross and Nettie Cavin, now of San Angelo, were also present. Ironically, Nettie was Valerie’s eighth grade English teacher. Priess’ brother, Dr. Chuck Priess, of Austin, dutifully held a bouquet of flowers during the ceremony. The happy couple were off to Fredericksburg to attend the horse races on Sunday, then they were heading to Ruidosa, N. M., for the remainder of their honeymoon.

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