BHS sets enrollment mark with 361 students

Aug. 23-26, 1966 Registration of Brady High School students toppled that of last year as they signed up for classes the first two days of the week. The total reached 361 after the first two days but late registrants were still coming into the office Wednesday and Thursday. Principal Boyd Hunt expects the total to rise even more when the first day of school rolls around Monday. “We will probably get quite a few late students due to some working out of town, new students and some who are still on vacation,” Hunt said. Last year the first registration came to 331 with the total swelling to 369 a week later. Should the registration continue to rise, the 194 total of 385 could be equalled or surpassed. Wednesday the class totals were freshmen 109, sophomores 97, juniors 88 and seniors 68. The first day of school with registration for students of the elementary schools and junior high will be Monday. Classes in all the grades will meet at 8:30 a.m. at the school in their attendance area. High school will observe the same schedule Monday. The first day the children will be dismissed in time to reach home by noon. Buses will run the same routes as last year. The school day for primary students: Grades 1-3 will be from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Grades four through junior high will take up at 8:30 a.m. and dismiss at 3:30 p.m. High school will meet from 8:25 a.m. until 3:55 p.m. The faculty a Brady High School has been completed with the hiring of Miss Frances Louise Weygandt, honor graduate of Texas Wesleyan College in Fort Worth. Miss Weygandt is a 1966 graduate with a major in English. The school board approved the tentative budget with one change, that of adding in the Title I and Title II grants. The budget came to $658,366 with an estimated revenue of $650,492. The tax rate will remain the same as last year with $1.31 earmarked for maintenance and .47 cents for interest and sinking fund. Permission for radio station KNEL to broadcast the football game has been granted by the trustees. *** Front drops rains on parched county A cool front, evidence that the fall season is rapidly approaching, brought showers to the Heart of Texas Tuesday and Wednesday, and lowered temperatures considerably Thursday morning. The rainfall was light to heavy in this section, with the Deep Creek and Mercury communities receiving the heaviest amounts in McCulloch County’up to three inches. Pontotoc, Llano County, gauged five inches and Fredonia also came in for a heavy fall, as did Mason County in general. Brady received light showers, .10 Tuesday night and .40 inch Wednesday for a two-day total of .59. The season’s low temperature Thursday morning in Brady was 60 degrees. Elsewhere in McCulloch County, Rochelle gauged 1.35 and Doole 1.25 while other communities reported less than an inch. Coming after wonderful rains two weeks ago, pastures and fields have greened up considerably, affording lush grazing for livestock, and aiding late feed and cotton crops. While McCulloch County was receiving only light to moderate showers this week, other parts of Texas were experiencing floods, and in many areas, streams and rivers were running wild. San Angelo received up to three inches, and the Lowake- Rowena-Miles country was drenched with rains up to four inches. Paint Rock gauged 1.75, Eden .68, Coleman 3.86, Winters 4.30, Ballinger 3.0, Menard 2.50 and Millersview 1.90. Orient, a community in Tom Green County, reported a whopping eight inches that sent the Colorado River at Ballinger on a rampage. *** Taylor joins Carson Don Taylor, well-known local barber, is now associated with Chan Carson at the shop which is located across the street from the bus station. The name of the business in the future will be Carson & Taylor barber Shop. *** Grand Jury indicts eight Tuesday The McCulloch County Grand Jury returned eight indictments Tuesday. Two indictments were returned against Bobby Roberts for forgery and passing and for breaking jail. Bond was set at $1,000. Lonnie Lee Teague was indicted for jailbreaking and bond was set at $5,000. Bill Bennett was indicted for theft over $50. Forgery and passing indictments were returned against Lynn Stockman, Domingo Cantu and Paul Muniz. Bond was set at $2,000 for Stockman and $1,000 each on the others. One forgery and passing indictment was returned but the name was withheld pending arrest. *** Becca McCollum honors guest Becca McCollum honored her houseguest, Sheryl Wilensky of Dallas, with a weiner roast and treasure hunt at Richards Park, Thursday evening, Aug. 18. Twenty-five young people enjoyed the party, chaperoned by the Rev. and Mrs. Bill Boswell, Mrs. Arch Emanuel of Mason, and Mr. and Mrs. Sam McCollum of Brady.

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