Pfc. Langseth coming home to continue recovery

Pfc. Tommy Langseth, the Brady soldier injured in an explosion while on active duty in Iraq, has received official notification that he will be enrolled in a program that will allow him to return home to continue his extended recovery. Langseth will formally be checking out of Brooks Army Medical Hospital today (Friday), and will fly to Little Rock, Ark. for processing into the community-based healthcare organization program. The program, normally utilized by reservists and members of the national guard, will allow Langseth to work in a government job in Brady while he continues to recover from his injuries. According to Tommy’s mother, Karen, he is the first active duty soldier to be enrolled in the program. He will be working for the City of Brady at the airport in a position that was cleared and approved by the military that will serve the purposes of being a qualified job. ‘We will be able to stay here at home and make the trips back to San Antonio whenever they are necessary,’ said Mrs. Langseth. ‘After three months of living at the hospital in San Antonio, we are both ready to come home.’ He is scheduled for another major eye surgery to remove scar tissue in his right eye which was the most severly damaged in the explosion. ‘An eye doctor tested his left eye this week, and Tommy was able to read some of the 20/40 lines on the eye chart which technically qualified him to be cleared to drive a motor vehicle,’ said Mrs. Langseth. ‘That is a major hurdle for Tommy because we were worried he would not be cleared to drive ever again.’ Excited about being back in his hometown, Langseth and high school buddies, Jeremy Ramon and Channing Booker, have enlisted the cooking talents of Tommy’s father, Mack, to help prepare their cooking team’s entry for the World Championship Barbeque Goat Cook-Off next weekend. ‘They have entered as ‘Camp Hero’ and will have a military-theme camp dedicated to our armed forces,’ said Mrs. Langseth.

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