Kudos to BISD for pride in their students

Dear Editor, I read with great interest the article, ‘Brady ISD gearing up for new year with guideline reminders.’ I am writing for the purpose of commending the Brady Independent School District for developing a very sensibe but greatly needed dress code. The way one dresses says volumes about the person. It is my firm belief that a student’s dress reflects one’s self esteem and will add to the kind of work produced in the classroom. Dress plays a part in character building. The kind of character developed while a student will play a role in the success one enjoys later in life. I pastored churches with fairly large staffs, and later served as a Department Director for the Baptist General Convention of Texas where I had several reporting to me. Dress on the part of those serving under me said volumes. I never re quired expensive dress. I did require neat, clean and modest dress. The dress of the employees added to the quality of work produced by the people in question. In my retirement years, I have continued working as a church growth consultant with churches throughout the United States. I preach and teach in a different church about 40 weekends a year. I am appalled at the dress I see in many parts of the United States. Too often the dress speaks to a lack of respect toward oneself, which is bad enough, but more serious is the lack of respect toward Almighty God. As a boy growing up in Brady, my Dad, a very simple man with a fifth grade education, taught me, “When you go to church, wear the best you have. You are going to honor and worship God. If a pair of overalls is the best you have, wear them. However, most of us can do better.” There is a difference between school and church, but self-respect is important in both places. Congratulations to the Brady Independent School District. Sincerely, Bobby L. Eklund D.Min., D.D. Hurst, Tex.

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